Terms and Conditions

Terms of Use

  1. The purchase entitles the customer for 1 year of support and upgrades for installable software products unless otherwise stated in product description. 
  2. All auto-renewable subscription purchases will be charged automatically around the end of the term. 
  3. Renewal/Auto-Renewal will extend the validity of license by a year, extending the support and upgrades. 
  4. Customer agrees to use the product as is, and any customisation to the code should be done after permission from Next Software Solutions.
  5. Customer agrees to use the installable products only for one installation on only one site*, domain or subdomain.
  6. *Sites on WordPress Multisite will mean separate sites, and will require separate licenses. 
  7. Staging/Development Installations allowed: 
Product Production Development Staging
GrassBlade LRS – Premium & higher One One One
GrassBlade LRS – Starter & Standard One One No
GrassBlade LRS – Legacy One One No
GrassBlade xAPI Companion – Legacy One One No

Stopping Auto-Renewal / Subscription Cancellation

  1. To stop automatic payment or auto-renewal, you need to cancel the subscription from the payment gateway (currently BlueSnap – learn more) and raise a support ticket online or via email at support@nextsoftwaresolutions.com
  2. Canceling the subscription will stop auto-renewal. The license will continue until the current license period. For example, if you purchase installable GrassBlade LRS and immediately cancel the subscription, you will not be charged next year, but your license will continue for a year.
  3. If you forgot to cancel, and your card has been charged. You can request for a refund (refer to Refunds A.3. below).


A. Refund on Installable Products:

  1. Refund on Auto-Renewal is provided on a pro-rata basis up to 30 days from the auto-renewal payment date. A handling charge of 5% will be deducted on refunds. There is no handling charge if the amount is used immediately for upgrades/downgrades or any other products.
  2. New purchases and manual renewal of all on-premise/installable plugins and software are non-refundable.
  3. Refunds on new purchases and manual renewal are provided only for a defect in the products that Next Software Solution is not able to fix.
  4. Server specific issue are not considered a defect in the software, and any related support/refund is at the discretion of Next Software Solutions. 
  5. Any other requests for the refund on installable products are at the sole discretion of Next Software Solutions.

B. Refund on Cloud LRS:

  1. Refunds for the unused duration of GrassBlade Cloud LRS is provided on pro-rata basis. A handling charge of 5% will be deducted on refunds. There is no handling charge if the amount is used immediately for upgrades/downgrades or any other products.

C. Refund on Installation/Upgrade Service:

  1. Installation/Upgrade service payments are non-refundable

Downgrade/Upgrade of Plans:

Any plan including the GrassBlade Cloud LRS can be downgraded or upgraded. You do not loose the data on downgrade/upgrade and the LRS continues to function as is. However, points to note:

  1. Eligibility: Your LRS needs to be eligible for the new plan. Your LRS cannot be downgraded or upgraded to a plan that doesn’t support the last months usage. 
  2. Upgrade: After contacting support, you need to purchase a new higher plan. Any pro-rata balance remaining on the existing plan, is added to new plan as additional days. 
  3. Downgrade: After contacting support, you need to purchase a new lower plan. Downgraded plan/pricing is applicable after the end of the existing plan.

Privacy Policy

  1. Next Software Solution will not provide customer details to any 3rd party.
  2. The customer agrees to receive communication from Next Software Solutions regarding transactions, order details, renewal reminders, and occasional promotions.

* Note: Accounts registered on or before Sep 6th, 2019, will be able to request for manual authorisation of up to a total of 5 sites of a folder based WordPress multi-site per GrassBlade xAPI Companion license.

Updated: May 11th, 2023

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