Terms and Conditions

Terms of Use

  1. The purchase entitles the customer for 1 year of support and upgrades for installable software products unless otherwise stated in product description.
  2. Customer agrees to use the product as is, and any customisation to the code should be done after permission from Next Software Solutions.
  3. Customer agrees to use the installable products only for one installation on only one site*, domain or subdomain.
  4. *Sites on WordPress Multisite will mean separate sites, and will require separate licenses. 
  5. One additional installation is allowed for one development site, only as per description this this article.


  1. Refunds are provided only for a defect in the products that Next Software Solution is not able to fix.
  2. Any other requests for refund on installable products are at the sole discretion of Next Software Solutions.
  3. Refunds for unused duration of GrassBlade Cloud LRS is provided on pro-rata basis. A handling charge of 5% will be deducted on refunds. There is no handling charge if the amount is used immediately for upgrades/downgrades or any other products.

Privacy Policy

  1. Next Software Solution will not provide customer details to any 3rd party.
  2. Customer agrees to receive communication from Next Software Solutions regarding transactions, order details, renewal reminders, and occasional  promotions.


* Note: Accounts registered on or before Sep 6th, 2019, will be able to request for manual authorisation of upto total 5 sites of a folder based WordPress multi-site per GrassBlade xAPI Companion license.

Updated: Sep 6th, 2019