Experience API for LearnPress
Upload & Track xAPI, cmi5 or SCORM Content

This plugin will enable support for HTML5, xAPI, cmi5 & SCORM content support in LearnPress LMS by integrating with GrassBlade xAPI Companion plugin.

About GrassBlade xAPI Companion

GrassBlade xAPI Companion is one of the best plugins for HTML5, xAPI, cmi5, SCORM, H5P, and Video content uploading & tracking on WordPress and follows eLearning industry standards. It also provides better launch options to make your content play well with LearnPress.

Available Launch Modes:

  1. In-Page
  2. Link to Open in New Window
  3. Link to Open in the Same Window
  4. Link to Open in Popup Lightbox

You can use custom link text or image as a launch button for better presentation.

Key Features

Upload HTML5, xAPI, cmi5 & SCORM content

Upload Content

With GrassBlade xAPI Companion, upload HTML5, xAPI, cmi5, and SCORM content packages exported from authoring tools like Articulate Storyline 360 and Captivate on WordPress. It also supports videos as xAPI Content.

Add Content on Lessons and Quiz

Add Content on Lessons and Quiz

You can add uploaded xAPI, cmi5, SCORM, and xAPI Video content on LearnPress lessons. You can use meta box, shortcode, or Gutenberg blocks as per need.

Advanced Video Tracking

Advanced Video Tracking

GrassBlade xAPI Companion provides industry standard video content tracking and reporting with GrassBlade Cloud LRS. It also works with LearnPress LMS.

Completion Control

Control Completion

With GrassBlade xAPI Companion, you can restrict users from completing the lesson without watching the complete video, xAPI, cmi5, or SCORM content.

Reports in LRS

Reports in LRS

With GrassBlade xAPI Companion, you can connect GrassBlade LRS or some other LRS to store data and reports.

Supported Authoring Tools

These are some popular authoring tools tested with GrassBlade xAPI Companion and LearnPress LMS.

Articulate Storyline

Storyline 360

Articulate Rise

Rise 360

Articulate Studio

Studio 360

iSpring Suite


Easy Generator



Adobe Captivate

Adobe Captivate

Adapt Learning

Lectora Icon

Lectora Inspire


Active Presenter


ej4 Content



A Powerful Combination for LearnPress LMS

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