Reports for LearnDash Admin & Group Leaders

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To use the Reports for Group Leaders & Admins feature, you need the GrassBlade xAPI Companion v4.1.1 plugin and the LearnDash LMS plugin.

You can create reports from the WordPress Dashboard or add the shortcode or Gutenberg block to any page to use that page for frontend reporting.

In WordPress Dashboard

Step 1:
Log-in to WordPress Dashboard (/wp-admin)

Step 2:
Go to GrassBlade > Reports.

Frontend Reports

To show this report on any page or post, add this shortcode [grassblade_reports]. If you’re using the Gutenberg block editor use the Admin Reports block.


Who can access this report?

Only Admin and Group Leader can access this report.

Do I need LearnDash LMS plugin too?


Do I need GrassBlade LRS for these Reports?


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