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Reports for Admin and Group Leaders feature gives you the ability to access 6 types of reports. As its name suggests, these reports can be accessed by Group Leaders and Admin users.

All the authorized user roles can access it from the WordPress dashboard or you can add the shortcode or Gutenberg block on any page to show this report on the frontend.

After the GrassBlade xAPI Companion v5.0 update, you can use this with the following LMS plugins:

LMS PluginsAccessible ToRequirements
LearnDash LMS– Admin
– Group Leader
– GrassBlade xAPI Companion v5.0 or v5.0+
WP Courseware LMS– Admin– GrassBlade xAPI Companion v5.0 or v5.0+
Lifter LMS– Admin
– LMS Manager
– Group Leader
– Instructor of Membership
– GrassBlade xAPI Companion v5.1 or v5.1+
– Experience API For LifterLMS v2.3 or v2.3+
LearnPress LMS– Admin– GrassBlade xAPI Companion v5.0 or v5.0+
Tutor LMS – Admin– GrassBlade xAPI Companion v5.0 or v5.0+
MasterStudy LMS – Admin– GrassBlade xAPI Companion v5.0 or v5.0+
Sensei LMS– Admin– GrassBlade xAPI Companion v5.0 or v5.0+
No LMS– Admin
– GrassBlade Report’s LMS Administrator
– GrassBlade xAPI Companion v5.0 or v5.0+
For a better understanding of reports settings and level of data access permissions to each role, please take a look at this article: Reports Settings and Permissions

Available Reports

Admin Reports feature provides you with 5 reports that you can use to track your learner’s progress.

  1. Completions Report
  2. Gradebook Report
  3. Achievements Report
  4. Progress Snapshot Report
  5. User Report
  6. LearnDash User Profile (only for LearnDash LMS users)

How to use it?

Follow the steps given below to find this report in the WordPress dashboard or add it to any WordPress page.


  1. For LearnDash LMS users:
    • GrassBlade xAPI Companion v4.1.0
  1. For WP Courseware, LifterLMS, LearnPress LMS, Tutor LMS, MasterStudy LMS & Sensei LMS users:
    • GrassBlade xAPI Companion v4.2

In WordPress Dashboard

To access these reports in the WordPress dashboard, please follow the steps given below:

Step 1:
Log-in to WordPress Dashboard (/wp-admin)

Step 2:
Go to GrassBlade > Reports.

Frontend Reports

Use this shortcode [grassblade_reports] to show this report on any page or post. If you’re using the Gutenberg block editor use the Admin Reports block.

Step 1:
Click the [+] icon.

Step 2:
Search for GrassBlade blocks and select the Admin Reports block.

Completions Report

This report shows how many users completed a GrassBlade activity in a course and how many times they attempted it. You can also check:

  1. GrassBlade activity score vs global average and group average
  2. Get all the attempts by a single user or all the users or users in a group
  3. Rich Quiz Report [For GrassBlade Cloud LRS or GrassBlade LRS Premium Plan users]

Gradebook Report

It shows the score of all the users who attempted the GrassBlade activities in the selected course. With this report, you can determine which activities are not completed by a user. Also, you will be able to check:

  1. The score of the latest attempts
  2. Rich Quiz Report [For GrassBlade Cloud LRS or GrassBlade LRS Premium Plan users]

Achievements Report

If you’re using the achievements feature of the LearnDash LMS, Lifter LMS, or GamiPress plugin, then this report can fetch and show achievements data.

You can find out:

  1. All Achievements earned All users
  2. An Achievement earned by All users
  3. All Achievements earned by a user
GrassBlade LRS is not required for Achievements & Progress Snapshot Report.

Progress Snapshot Report

This report shows the progress of all the enrolled users and steps completed in a course. You can learn about:

  1. Users completing a course
  2. Lessons completed
  3. Lesson steps completed

User Report

It shows all the xAPI Content (including SCORM & Videos) available on your website so you can check all the completed activities of the user. Also, you can check the Rich Quiz Report as well if you have GrassBlade Cloud LRS or GrassBlade LRS Premium.

GrassBlade User Report

LearnDash Profile

If you’re using LearnDash LMS, then you can see the LearnDash profile of any user and check their enrolled course and progress too. We will try to add other LMS as well, depending upon your interest.


Who can access this report?

Only Admin and Group Leader can access this report.

Do I need LearnDash LMS plugin too?


Do I need GrassBlade LRS for these Reports?

Yes, (not required for Progress Snapshot Report).

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