Completion Tracking Not Working

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If you’re facing an issue with completion tracking while using GrassBlade and LearnDash.

Please make sure you followed this step by step guide to setup: Completion Tracking – Lesson/Quiz AutoCompletion

Debugging Completion Tracking

If you are facing issues with Completion Tracking. e.g. your lesson in LearnDash is not getting marked complete even after completing your Articulate lesson.

Debug Completion Tracking by following these steps:

  1. Run through the content once, and make sure you pass it.
  2. Go to your xAPI Content edit page.
  3. Find the checkbox for “Completion Tracking”
  4. Click on “Test Setup” and it will give you suggestions for the fix.
  5. If it doesn’t work try uploading the content on a new xAPI Content page, and see if Test Setup gives better information.
Completion Tracking Not Working

GrassBlade LRS Error Logs

  1. Login to your GrassBlade LRS
  2. Go to GrassBlade LRS > Configure > Error Logs
  3. Check for errors, or log messages related to your completion and see if it gives any useful information. 

If this doesn’t help, the following information should help.

Important Points to Remember:

  1. You need to use GrassBlade LRS for this feature to work.
  2. Articulate (some versions) and Captivate does not support custom Activity ID’s. You might see this issue if you have upgraded your Authoring Tool to a version that doesn’t support custom Activity ID, and have re-published the content. So, it is safest to use the original activity id of the content. To do this you need to:
    For New Upload: Leave the Activity ID field blank when uploading to a new xAPI Content page, and Activity ID will be auto-populated with the one generated by your authoring tool.
    For Existing xAPI Content: You will see the “Original Activity ID” in the help text below the “Activity ID” field below Activity ID. Change the “Activity ID” to the “Original Activity ID” if you are experiencing issues.
  3. Make sure you are adding the content to LearnDash Lesson, Topic or Quiz page, but not on LearnDash course page.
  4. Double-check that Trigger URL is configured correctly in the LRS.
  5. Logout from WordPress and go to the Trigger URL in a browser. If you see a “0”, you are good. However, If you see a completely blank page or any errors, then, disable plugins or any server restrictions that don’t allow access to the Trigger URL when you are not logged in.
  6. If you are adding xAPI Content to a Lesson, or Topic. Make sure there is no other topic or quiz attached to that Lesson or Topic.
  7. Do not use grassblade shortcode for completion tracking. Use the Gutenberg Blocks or MetaBox (see Step 3 above)
  8. Avoid adding one xAPI content to multiple pages. There will be no error, and it will mark all of them complete. Still, this could add confusion.
  9. Make sure two xAPI Content doesn’t have the same Activity ID. Activity ID has to be unique for each xAPI Content.

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