Bulk Settings – Download/Modify settings of multiple xAPI Content via CSV

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If you want to make changes to many xAPI Content files, you can use Bulk Settings feature present in our GrassBlade xAPI plugin. If will help you editing many files with CSV file option, you download current settings file and edit and upload it to make changes in just one click.

  • Verify settings on all xAPI Content
  • Easily modify settings of multiple xAPI Content
  • Download and keep a backup of existing settings
  • Bulk Configuring all the xAPI Content uploaded using Bulk Import/Upload feature

To use the feature go to WordPress Dashboard: xAPI Content > Bulk Settings


1. Downloading the settings of all xAPI Content

  1. Go to: WP ADMIN > xAPI Content > Bulk Settings
  2. Click on: Download
  3. You will get a CSV file with all the settings. The file can be open using Excel, Numbers or any software that supports CSV file.

2. Upload xAPI Content settings:

  1. Download the settings file as mentioned in step 1 above.
  2. Make changes to the file as required. You can remove the rows in which you have not made changes.
  3. Click on: “Choose file” and select the updated CSV file.
  4. Click “Upload” and the changes will be done, you will also see a table showing a summary of changes.

If you’re getting any error while uploading or downloading the content please refer to the Error While Uploading Content page.

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