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The latest version of GrassBlade xAPI Companion allows you to add questions on your videos. This feature makes your videos fun and engaging while learning. Interactive video feature allows you add three types of questions at your selected timestamp of the video.

  1. Single Choice
  2. Multi-Choice
  3. True & False …more coming soon.

Add Questions

Please follow the steps given below to add questions on your xAPI Videos to make them interactive.

Step 1:
Go to edit page of existing xAPI Video or Add a new video. Learn more

Step 2:
Scroll to xAPI Content Details section.

Step 3:
Click the Open Quiz Builder button. If you’re do not see the button then please refresh the page.

Step 4:
Now click the, Add New Question button.

Step 5:
Select Question Type and add question details, such as title, options and timestamp.

Step 6:
Click the Save Question button to add question.

Track Submitted Answers

After adding questions to your videos, GrassBlade xAPI Companion will continue tracking video activities like it does.

However, now it will track answers submitted by the by the users and you can see this data in the connected GrassBlade Cloud LRS or any other connected LRS.

If you’re facing issues while using this feature, feel free to contact us.

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