Download Filtered Reports

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Please follow the steps to download the filtered report from the GrassBlade LRS.

Step 1:
Go to a report page like Reports > Activity Stream.

Step 2:
Click on the filter icon to select the filters to generate report data.

Step 3:
Click the download icon to open the download popup.

Include Quiz Answers:
To include the quiz answers in the report, please enable the “Include Sub Activities” option in the filters.

Step 4:
Enter the download limit as the number of rows you want to download from the recent activities.

Step 5:
Select the report type i.e PDF or CSV
Select Columns i.e Selected Columns or All Columns. (You can select desired columns from the Columns dropdown given beside the download icon.)

Step 6:
Click the download button to download the file.

Try these:

  1. Custom Reports by Saved Filters
  2. Email Reports (PDF/CSV)

If you’re facing any issues while using this feature, feel free to contact us.

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