Email Reports (PDF/CSV)

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You can setup automated recurring PDF or CSV reports going to specific emails.

Step 1:  Setup a Custom Filtered Report

Step 2: Setup Email Report

Step 2a: Click on “Email” icon next to the Saved Filter.

Step 2b: Enter the Email IDs (separated with commas)

Step 2c: Enter the no of previous days to report.

Step 2d: Set the Frequency and Time/Date. The text field is very flexible, you can use expressive time/date information details like:

  • 10:00 AM
    – 10 AM every day
  • tuesday 2:00 PM
    – on Tuesdays at 2PM
  • third tuesday 2:00 PM
    – third tuesday of month/year at 2PM
  • +1 days 2:00 PM
    – 2nd day of month/year at 2PM
  • july 4, 10:00AM     OR,   july 4, 10:00AM      OR,    4 jul, 10:00AM
    – on 4th of July at 10AM every year
  • feb 10, saturday, 2:00PM
    – on first saturday after Feb 10th at 2:00PM

Step 2e: Select the Report Type, and click on “Add”

Step 3: Configure SMTP details in Configure > Integration > SMTP 

Step 4: Setup a Cron Job for the URL:

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