Getting Started with Sensei LMS

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To use the HTML5, xAPI, SCORM, or cmi5 standard content with Sensei LMS you need to meet the following requirements.


Install the plugin and set up the GrassBlade Cloud LRS.

  1. GrassBlade xAPI Companion
  2. Sensei LMS
  3. Experience API for Sensei LMS
  4. GrassBlade Cloud LRS (For xAPI, cmi5 content and reporting)

Upload Content on WordPress

GrassBlade xAPI Companion plugin allows uploading HTML5, xAPI, SCORM, cmi5 zips, and video files on WordPress. That you can use it on Sensei LMS lessons.

Learn More: Methods of uploading content?

Add Content on Lessons

You can use the xAPI Content Block, metabox or shortcode provided by GrassBlade xAPI Companion to add content on the pages.

Learn More: Add Content on Sensei LMS lessons?

Completion Tracking

GrassBlade xAPI Companion and GrassBlade Cloud LRS allows automatically marking Sensei LMS lessons complete when a user completes the added content. It also shares the user score of xAPI Content to Sensei LMS grades report.

Learn More: Setup completion tracking feature?

Completion Tracking not working? Make sure you have installed and activated the Experience API for the MasterStudy LMS addon.

Advanced Completion Behaviour

To get extra control over the Mark Complete button added on the lesson, then try this feature in the xAPI Content.

  1. Hide Button
  2. Show button on Completion
  3. Enable button on Completion
  4. Auto-redirect on Completion

Learn More: Enable Advanced Completion Behaviour feature?

If you’re facing any issues while using this addon feel free to contact us.

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