Resume behaviour of Articulate, Captivate and other xAPI Content

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Most of the authoring tools including Articulate, Captivate, iSpring and others support resuming the content from where you left.

When using Experience API tracking and GrassBlade, there are many ways this behaviour can be customised and controlled using the “registration” property in xAPI Content page.

Method 1
Always Resume: Use a fixed registration value:

Purpose: You want the content to always resume from where you left. Even if you have completed the content.

Solution: You can use a fixed registration value for attempt. The value must be in UUID format, for example: 36fc1ee0-2849-4bb9-b697-71cd4cad1b6e

Method 2
Resume till incomplete

Purpose: You want to be able to resume from where you left. However, after the content is completed, you want the resume to be reset, so you start from the beginning next time

Solution: You can leave the registration value as blank, or set the registration value to: auto

Method 3
Resume for Guest Users

Guest Users, i.e. the users who have not logged in the WordPress site cannot resume using “Resume till incomplete” method mentioned above.

Purpose: You want resume feature for guest users to work.

Solution: You can use the method 1 above: “1. Always Resume: Use a fixed registration value”.


All users along with logged in users will be on the method 1 now.

If “Allow Guests” is selected:

  1. An email id based on IP is used for user identification. So, resume will work only if IP doesn’t change.
  2. If another user with same IP visits the content, he will be assumed to be same user, and content will resume.

If “Allow Guests (ask Name/Email)” is selected:

  1. The provided email is used. So, if the user enters another email id, he will resume where user with that email id had left.


  • If you have many content, you can change settings of all contents using Bulk Settings feature.

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