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General 4 questions
  • Is GrassBlade LRS Free?

    No, GrassBlade LRS is a paid tool, you can buy it here.

  • Difference between GrassBlade LRS & GrassBlade xAPI Companion?

    GrassBlade LRS is a Learning Record Store and GrassBlade xAPI Companion is a WordPress plugin. Both can work together and complement each other, however, there are major differences. To know more read this article.

  • Who Should use GrassBlade LRS?

    Anyone who wants to track their learners’ progress using xAPI (Experience API) needs to use an LRS.  GrassBlade LRS provides additional integrations and analytics features beyond a standard LRS.

    Many authors, trainers, instructional designers, universities, government organisations and fortune 500 companies are using it in a variety of ways.

  • Which product do i need?

    To decide which products you will need for which features, you can refer the chart below (click to enlarge):

Billing 4 questions
  • Do you offer Refunds?


    1. Refunds are provided only for a defect in the products that Next Software Solution is not able to fix.
    2. Any other requests for refund on installable products are at the sole discretion of Next Software Solutions.
    3. Refunds for unused duration of GrassBlade Cloud LRS is provided on pro-rata basis. A handling charge of 5% will be deducted on refunds. There is no handling charge if the amount is used immediately for upgrades/downgrades or any other products.
  • What types of payment do you accept?

    We accept all major Debit and Credit cards. payment-methods If you still want any alternate method of payment, please contact us.

  • Is pricing monthly or annual?

    GrassBlade Cloud LRS comes with both monthly and annual pricing.

    Installable products like GrassBlade xAPI Companion and GrassBlade LRS comes with one year of support and upgrades. After expiry, it continues to work, however, without support and upgrades.

  • How do I renew my license?

    You can go to My Account and look for  My Licenses section and click the Renew Now button. If you have multiple licenses, you can add more licenses from My Account page.

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