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Experience API for MasterStudy LMS

Experience API for MasterStudy LMS

Upload, Publish and Track Rich Media Content

Add HTML5, xAPI, cmi5, SCORM & Video content support on MasterStudy LMS lessons and quizzes by integrating with the GrassBlade xAPI Companion plugin.

About GrassBlade xAPI Companion

GrassBlade xAPI Companion is one of the best plugins for HTML5, xAPI, cmi5, SCORM, H5P, and xAPI Video content tracking on WordPress and follows eLearning industry standards. It also provides better launch options to make your content play well with MasterStudy LMS plugin.

Available Launch Modes:

  1. In Page
  2. Link to Open in New Window
  3. Link to Open in Same Window
  4. Link to Open in Popup Lightbox

You can use custom link text or image as launch button for better presentation.

Key Features

Upload HTML5, xAPI, cmi5 & SCORM content

Allows uploading HTML5, xAPI, cmi5 & SCORM, and Videos as xAPI content on WordPress.

Add Content on Lesson & Quiz

Add content on MasterStudy lessons and quizzes using Gutenberg block, shortcode or metabox.

Advanced Reporting

Score of contents will reflect in LMS reports and detailed reports like answers of the quiz will be available in the GrassBlade LRS

Advanced Video Reporting

Get advanced video content activity tracking & reporting with full MasterStudy LMS integration.
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Restrict Progress

Disable/hide the mark complete button until added xAPI Content or video is completed.

xAPI Content based Certificate

Award Certificates based on completion of xAPI Content and score obtained.

MasterStudy certificates addons required.

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Reports for Admins

Reports feature provides 5 types of reports for MasterStudy LMS admins, to let track every user activity on your platform.

  1. Completions Report
  2. Gradebook Report
  3. Progress Snapshot Report
  4. Quiz Report
  5. Questions Report
  6. User Report

All these reports are available for Admin user roles (coming soon for instructors) and can be accessed from   WordPress dashboard or can be added to any page to show on the frontend. Learn More

Supported Authoring Tools

GrassBlade xAPI Companion allows you uploading and tracking of HTML5, xAPI, cmi5 and SCORM content from any authoring tool. These are some popular authoring tools tested with GrassBlade xAPI Companion.

Adobe Captivate

Storyline 360

Rise 360

iSpring Suite


Easy Generator


Evolve Authoring

Adapt Learning

Lectora Inspire


Active Presenter


ej4 Content


Gomo Learning

A Powerful Combination for MasterStudy LMS

GrassBlade xAPI Companion
GrassBlade LRS
MasterStudy LMS

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