GrassBlade xAPI Companion

The GrassBlade xAPI Companion plugin, lets you upload and host xAPI, SCORM, cmi5 and HTML5 content on a WordPress website in multiple ways. Connect it with GrassBlade Cloud LRS or any other LRS to get tracking data instantly.

The robust Grassblade xAPI Companion plugin is known for integrating seamlessly with a variety of learning technology and popular tools in your business and eLearning ecosystem keeping in mind the future potential.

Adobe Captivate
Rise 360
iSpring Suite​
Easy Generator​
Evolve Authoring​
Adapt Learning​​
Active Presenter​​​
ej4 Content​​​​
Gomo Learning​​​​​

Advanced Completion Behaviour

The Advanced Completion Behaviour will let you control the completion behaviour of the lesson, topic or quiz having xAPI Content.

It can hide the “Mark Complete” button and automatically complete the lesson in background. Also, it can enable or show “Mark Complete” button when user completes the added xAPI Content. 

Currently, it is working with these LMS(s):

  1. LearnDash LMS
  2. WP Courseware LMS
  3. LearnPress LMS
  4. Lifter LMS
  5. Tutor LMS
  6. MasterStudy LMS
  7. Sensei LMS

Required: GrassBlade LRS

Advanced Video Tracking

GrassBlade xAPI Companion comes with xAPI Video Profile 1.0. It enables support for advanced video tracking in wordpress with this latest profile.

Now, you can track every user activity done with:

  • Video uploaded on your server. (MP4 Videos)
  • HLS (.m3u8)
  • MPEG Dash (.mpd)
  • YouTube
  • Vimeo
  • Wistia
  • Audio (MP3 etc.)
For Resume & Tracking: Any LRS

Completion Tracking Reporting of scores and completion on User Report. Automatic completion of lessons on LMSes like LearnDash.

: GrassBlade LRS

Interactive Videos​

Make your learning videos more engaging with the Interactive Video feature. It simply allows you to add three types of questions on the top of your xAPI Videos.

  1. Single Choice
  2. Multi-Choice
  3. True and False

Show these questions at your selected timestamp and get submitted answers to your Learning Record Store.

Required: Any LRS

SCORM Support​

Upload, Add and Track SCORM Content in WordPress.
GrassBlade xAPI Companion supports all the versions of SCORM and allows tracking of user activities on the content.
All other xAPI features will also work with SCORM Content, including Rich Quiz Reports for learners.

Supported Versions:

  1. SCORM 1.2
  2. SCORM 2004 2nd Edition
  3. SCORM 2004 3rd Edition
  4. SCORM 2004 4th Edition
Upload, play & resume of SCORM package: LRS not required
For quiz response recording: Any LRS For xAPI packages: Any LRS

Completion Tracking: Reporting of scores and completion on User Report. Automatic completion of lessons on LMSes like LearnDash.

GrassBlade LRS

Reports for Admins & Group Leaders​

Get six different reports in just a few clicks and get the data you want to see. Access it from the WordPress dashboard or create a frontend page with a shortcode or Gutenberg block. It works with all the LMS plugins that integrates with GrassBlade xAPI Companion plugin.

Available Reports:

  1. Completions Report
  2. Gradebook Report
  3. Achievements Report
  4. Progress Snapshot Report
  5. Quiz Report
  6. Question Report
  7. User Report
  8. LearnDash Profile

Required: GrassBlade LRS

Rich Quiz Reports​

Rich Quiz Reports is a feature of GrassBlade LRS and you access the reports in LRS as well as from WordPress dashboard. Also, you can show it to your learner as well.

What learners can see:

  • Response to each question in every attempt.
  • The score for each question
  • Total Score
  • Total Attempts
  • Starting Date and Time
  • Last Activity Date and Time
  • Total Time Spent
  • Accuracy

Required: GrassBlade LRS

GrassBlade xAPI Companion adds cmi5 Support to WordPress

cmi5 Support​

In GrassBlade xAPI Companion v4.0, we added support for the cmi5 eLearning standard. You can now upload, play & track cmi5 content exported from almost any authoring tool.

Tested with:

  1. Storyline 360
  2. Rise 360
  3. iSpring

Update your GrassBlade xAPI Companion plugin to v4.0 and get cmi5 content support.

Required: GrassBlade LRS

Events Tracking​

GrassBlade xAPI Companion allows you to track activities happening in your WordPress website. You can track events like:

  1. Login/Logout
  2. PageViews
  3. User Registration/Deletion
  4. Enrollment/Unenrollment in Course
  5. Post Creation/Updation
  6. New Comments

For Example:  John commented “GrassBlade is awesome.”

Required: Any LRS

Events Tracking
GrassBlade xAPI Companion guest tracking

Play & Track without Registration​

Create fun surveys and track user activities with the Guest access feature. Distribute content without any registration/LMS, it can ask for Name & Email before presenting content. 

Get all the activity data into connected LRS without any hassle of registration. If you want users to register, you can do that too, it is the default security feature to present content to only logged-in users.

Required: Any LRS

xAPI Content

Add xAPI, SCORM, cmi5, and Video content to any page.

Admin Reports

Add Reports for Administrators & Group Leaders to a page.

User Report

Use this block to show rich front-end report to learners.


Use this block to create a leaderboard for any xAPI Content.

User Score

Use this block to show users aggregate score on any post or page.

Other Features

With Secure Tokens your original LRS tokens are not exposed (GrassBlade LRS only). With Content Security enabled, users cannot view even the static content without login.

To provide you great control over the content we created short codes as well as Gutenberg Blocks to let you use content anywhere on the site.

Get a lot of features at a very reasonable price. Every license is valid for one production site and one development site.

Import large xAPI Content files from Dropbox directly into your WordPress site with Dropbox integration.

Developed and improved since 2012, the software is robust to handle high traffic enterprise websites.

GrassBlade xAPI Companion launch your content in flexible box and fits all screen devices automatically.

Integrations of GrassBlade xAPI Companion

This plugin supports several popular tools and Learning Management Systems.
Features that require any kind of tracking, will need the Learning Record Store.

Use HTML5, xAPI, cmi5 & SCORM content on lesson, topic or quiz page & get complete user reports in LearnDash and LRS. Learn More

Use HTML5, xAPI, cmi5 & SCORM content on lesson, unit and quiz. Get complete user interaction details in native Gradebook and LRS. Learn More

Use HTML5, xAPI, cmi5 & SCORM content on LearnPress lesson and get complete user interaction details in your LRS. Learn More

Add and Track HTML5, xAPI, cmi5 & SCORM content on LifterLMS with GrassBlade xAPI Companion integration. Learn More

Use HTML5, xAPI, cmi5 & SCORM content on LearnPress lesson and get complete user interaction details in your LRS. Learn More

Use HTML5, xAPI, cmi5 & SCORM content on lesson & quiz pages. Track user activities & get reports in MasterStudy LMS and LRS. Learn More

Track events happening in WordPress website, like login/logout, Pageviews, enrolled/unenrolled and more similar events. Learn More

Add Vimeo videos as xAPI Content and enjoy Advanced Video Tracking with GrassBlade xAPI Companion. Learn More

Connect GrassBlade Cloud LRS with more than 1500 plus applications. Try our free integration using GrassBlade Cloud LRS app for Zapier. Learn More

Import xAPI Content from your favorite cloud storage. Just one click and import your file with ease. Learn More

Issue & track digital badges and points for user activities on xAPI Content. Track reports in your LRS. Learn More

Gravity Forms Integration can track form submission and send data to connect learning record store. Learn More

Use and Track H5P’s interactive content with GrassBlade xAPI Companion, get reports in LRS & LMS. LRS is not required. Learn More

Use group plugins or groups feature present in LMS with GrassBlade xAPI Companion. Create & assign a group leader to share reports. Learn More

The US Air Force Academy Airmanship Program has been using the GrassBlade LRS from Next Software Solutions since January 2019. While currently limited to one course, the intent based upon system reliability, ease of use and functionality, is to migrate multiple courses to the GrassBlade LRS.

The GrassBlade LRS houses courseware, affords web-based access, records completion, scores and documents attempts at hands-on activities conducted in the lab. Student progress on required activities (Dashboard Metrics) can be assessed at a glance. As the USAFA Airmanship Program Manager, I strongly recommend use of the GrassBlade LRS. Strongly recommended solution!​

John, Tom Jackman

John “TJ” Tomjack

United States Air Force Academy (USAFA)
Airmanship Program Manager

The Grassblade xAPI Gravity Forms Plugin for WordPress has enabled us to build a WordPress site that allows educators to create simple online learning with WordPress based quizzes that track in our new xAPI LRS.

It is so easy to use that our testers need only a 10-minute introduction before they are able to start using the system to create learning modules. It’s nice when something “just works” like this does!

Ellen Meiselman

Ellen Meiselman

University of Michigan Health System

I was pleased to find GrassBlade so that I could leverage the content I create in Articulate Storyline by placing it on my WordPress site. I decided to just buy the full version because it was affordable and it gave me more access to all of GrassBlade’s capabilities. I am looking forward to all of its continued developments and growth.​

Steve Carlson

Steve Carlson​

Integrated Advising Services, LLC​

In my experience with working with Grassblade LRS. It is a simple, easy to use UI, very well documented with excellent support. The post purchase support has been incredible, by far the best in this domain. Also, given that Pankaj’s expertise and experience is far reaching, the insight he offers is valuable.
Strongly recommended solution!​

Ritwik Chattopadhyay

Ritwik Chattopadhyay

Department of Social Services, NYC​

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One production and one staging installation.

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