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GrassBlade xAPI Companion
  • Do you have Tin Can content published from Articulate or Captivate?
  • Do you love the simplicity of WordPress?
  • Do you want to load your Tin Can content on WordPress in three easy steps?
  • Do you want to track eLearning progress of your users?
  • Are you looking for a simple and secure way to host your content?
Meet GrassBlade xAPI Companion. Your companion for Experience API on WordPress.
GrassBlade can launch the content in the same page or in a lightbox passing the user data to the content. You can see the statements on your LRS and on WordPress using GrassBlade Statement Viewer.
It’s as simple as 1-2-3:
1. Generate a TinCan Content (using your tools)
2. Upload using xAPI Content Uploader.
3. Use your xAPI page or, add the shortcode to your WordPress page, post or custom post type using shortcode or metabox.

Requirement: You will need a Learning Record Store like GrassBlade LRS, if you are using Tin Can (xAPI) content.

GrassBlade is your ultimate tool to enable Experience API on WordPress. You can track page views of users and guests. Configure what you want to track, and GrassBlade will start shooting statements to your LRS on every page load, along with useful information like User’s Name, Email,  IP, Page URL, Page Title and Browser Details (User Agent).
If you are security conscious, PageViews statements are sent without exposing any LRS info to the users, because it’s sent directly from your server to the LRS. And once you enable security mode, users cannot view even the static content without login.

Both TinCan (xAPI) and Non-TinCan packages are supported. You will need an LRS for Experience API (xAPI) content.

  • Articulate Storyline
  • Articulate Rise
  • Articulate Studio
  • Articulate 360
  • Adobe Captivate
  • Lectora Inspire
  • Lectora Publisher
  • Lectora Online
  • iSpring Suite
  • Adapt Authoring Tool
  • iSpring Pro
  • DominKnow Claro
  • and more not listed here
We understand that your needs can be different than others. And we are here to help you. Contact us, and we will build and customize to your needs.  !!!
Why us?

Experience API on WordPress

Next Software Solutions is among the early adopters as well as contributors to the development of Tin Can API (aka Experience API).

  • Launch your Experience API (aka.Tin Can API) content
  • Track progress and completion on your favorite LRS.
  • One Click Upload using xAPI Content Manager.
  • Advanced Video Tracking: Resume from where you left, track different events, as well as actual completion of video. Works with: YouTube, Vimeo, MP4 videos.
  • Gutenberg Blocks to add xAPI Content, Leaderboard or User Score to any page or post
  • Responsive and fluid content in multiple modes (In Page, Lightbox, New Window)
  • Integrates with H5P
  • Direct Upload from Dropbox
  • Tin Can Statement Viewer
  • Track Page Views. GrassBlade sends statements to LRS.
  • Configure the LRS Settings globally or on each piece of content.
  • GrassBlade LRS SSO.
  • Completion Tracking when used with LearnDash and GrassBlade LRS.
  • Content Security, now even static files are inaccessible without login.
  • WordPress + GrassBlade + An LRS = The NextGen LMS
  • Launch the content inside the page, or a new window, or a lightbox.
  • Configure the height and width globally or on each piece of content.
  • Tested with Articulate Storyline  TinCan Package, and several others, see the list below.
  • Shortcodes to get and set State API Values. You can create a RESUME feature for your User’s web/course browsing experience.
  • FREE Support for a domain for 1 year.
  • FREE Updates for a domain for 1 year.
Download the GrassBlade xAPI Companion V2.0 NOW.

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Integrations and Add-ons

LearnDash integration of enables Experience API features in LearnDash LMS. You can publish xAPI Content, track page views, attempts, completions, question responses, etc. Award certificates based on xAPI based quiz, and more.
LearnDash integrations is shipped as part of GrassBlade xAPI Companion.

You can track scores, pass/fail, attempts and completions of quizzes built using Quiz Addon of Gravity Forms. All the these tracking information is sent to your LRS using xAPI Capabilities of GrassBlade. ($49 $29, Use Coupon: 29Gravity) GrassBlade Gravity Forms integrations is shipped as a separate add-on of GrassBlade xAPI Companion.

GrassBlade Works With:
Articulate Storyline
Adobe Captivate 7 Tin Can API
Lactora Inspire Tin Can API Demo
iSpring Tin Can API Demo
ScormCloud Learning Record Store for Tin Can API
DominKnow Tin Can API Mobile Demo
GrassBlade LearnDash Integration for Tin Can API
GrassBlade Gravity Forms Addon
Dropbox for eLearning Content Upload on WordPress
Dropbox for eLearning Content Upload on WordPress
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