Difference Between Grassblade LRS and GrassBlade xAPI Companion

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It is sometimes confusing, yet very important to know the difference between GrassBlade xAPI Companion and GrassBlade LRS. Also if you want to know what is the use of both the tools. In this article we will clear your doubts and confusions.

If you have, or want to build an eLearning website, these tools can help. GrassBlade xAPI Companion and GrassBlade LRS are developed by Next Software Solutions. Let’s know more about them individually to get a clear understanding.

GrassBlade LRS

GrassBlade LRS is a Learning Record Store where all tracking data and progress of learners is stored. This data comes from various sources like Videos, Page Views, Quizzes and xAPI Content in the form of JSON statements and you can see this data in human readable form on your dashboard. You can also see different reports, analyse the data and build custom reports.

It helps you understand how each learner is performing, like details of course completion, passed/failed status along with scores for quizzes within the courses.

GrassBlade LRS is NOT a WordPress Plugin but works with WordPress using the GrassBlade xAPI Companion integration. Any other source that can send data to an LRS can send it to GrassBlade LRS.

You can track every activity of a particular learner. Additional untracked activities can be tracked using some coding to send the data to the LRS.

If you want to know more about GrassBlade LRS check it at: GrassBlade LRS

GrassBlade xAPI Companion

It is a WordPress plugin, which enable you to upload xAPI (Tin Can) based course on your WordPress website. This plugin is compatible with all course authoring tools like Articulate 360 suite, Storyline, Captivate, iSpring, etc.

It also integrates very well with other LMS and tools like LearnDash and Gravity Forms (requires additional add-on) and others.

You can publish course with xAPI Tracking as well as courses without xAPI tracking built using different authoring tools.

If you want to use tracking, you must connect this plugin with an LRS (we recommend GrassBlade LRS for better integration).

GrassBlade xAPI Companion is the first and best available plugin for adding Experience API features on WordPress. It enables you to upload course and send course tracking statements to your LRS.

It can SSO with GrassBlade LRS, so you will be able to see all your learners data directly in your WordPress backend dashboard.

There are many more features.

To know more about this plugin, check: GrassBlade xAPI Companion

Which product do I need?

To decide which products you will need for which features, you can refer the chart below (click to enlarge):


These two tools are completely different, where GrassBlade xAPI is a WordPress plugin and GrassBlade LRS is a Learning Record Store. They have their own work and can be used together for complete eLearning Tracking Solution.

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