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If you have many HTML5, xAPI, cmi5, or SCORM packages to upload to WordPress, you can easily do it with bulk upload/import and configure them.

Before moving ahead, take a look at all supported methods.

Supported Uploading Methods

GrassBlade xAPI Companion support these content uploading methods:

  1. Direct Upload Method
  2. Dropbox Import Method
  3. Bulk Upload Upload Method
  4. Upload via FTP

Here are the steps:

Step 1: Upload all the content .zip files to your server via FTP or cPanel to: /wp-content/uploads/grassblade/import/ folder.

Note: You might need to create an import folder if it doesn’t exist.

Step 2: Go to WordPress dashboard: xAPI Content > Bulk Import


Step 3: You will see all the zip packages in the import folder.

Step 4: Select the zip packages you want to import.

Step 5: Configure all the settings you want on all contents.

Step 6: Click on “Process”

Step 7: Separate xAPI Content pages will be created for each zip file, and configurations will be copied as you have selected.

Step 8: If you want to further change the settings on each xAPI Content. You can use this feature: Bulk Settings – Download/Modify settings of multiple xAPI Content via CSV.

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