Reports Settings and Permissions

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In GrassBlade xAPI Companion v5.1, we added some settings let you manage permissions who can access the reports and what level of information a user can see.

Reports Settings

You can find these options here: WordPress Dashboard > GrassBlade > GrassBlade Settings > Reports Settings.

LMS Administrator

Use this feature if you want all users with a particular user role to have complete access to the reports.

  1. All Courses
  2. All Users
  3. All Groups
  4. All Reports Data.
Please select a user role you want to have LMS Administrator level permissions to manage all your reports.

Report on all Courses to

Use this feature, if you want all users with a particular user role to have access to all the Courses and xAPI Content reports of their group/membership users.

Please select user roles you want to have access to all the xAPI Content reports of their group/membership users.
Don’t forget to click the Update Settings button to save.

Now, the users with the given user roles will see two new options on the Reports Page:

  1. All Content
  2. Show All Courses – Toggle Link

Name Format

In this setting, you can decide how you want the name of the learner to appear in the reports.

Permissions Table

User Roles View All User Reports View All Courses Reports View Own Users Reports View Own Courses Reports
GrassBlade Reports Settings
LMS Administrator
Report on all Courses to
LearnDash LMS
Group Leader *
WP Courseware LMS
LMS Manager
Group Leader
Membership Instructor *
Tutor LMS
MasterStudy LMS

* To provide All Courses (xAPI Contents) reports to these roles add them to “Report on all Courses to” from GrassBlade Settings > Report Settings. Learn More

For Lifter LMS Users:
Please use Experience API for LifterLMS v2.3 or above to get these permission options.

If you’re facing issues while using these features feel free to contact us.

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