ChangeLog – GrassBlade xAPI Companion

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  • Feature: Added LRS Connection Test Suite to test for many possible issues
  • Feature: GrassBlade LRS: Added option to auto-fill/update API details from GrassBlade LRS 2.6.0+
  • Feature: Settings Update: Send a statement on GrassBlade settings change. Also used for by LRS for detection of settings update
  • Improvement: Updated Add-ons page
  • Improvement: Content Upload: Automatically add xAPI Content title based on uploaded package
  • Improvement: Upgraded xAPI Library
  • Improvement: Changed code showing list of xAPI Content in xAPI Content dropdown selection of Gutenberg editor. For better performance, and compatibility with some other plugins.
  • Improvement: Updated SCORM for better bookmarking in Chrome 80+
  • Fixed: Bulk Upload: SCORM version not updated on upload of SCORM content.
  • Fixed: Bulk Upload: HLS and DASH zip uploads not working.
  • Fixed: User Report: xAPI Content titles and User Name not showing correctly.
  • Legacy: Removed “Update” button in metabox, which was now only visible when Non-Gutenberg page
  • Fixed: Rich Quiz Report on multi-page LD Profile page
  • Fixed: Completion not working when there is & in Activity ID
  • Fixed: Some minor bugs


  • Fixed: SCORM issues in Elucidat
  • Fixed: Test Setup option
  • Fixed: Security Fixes.
  • Improvement: Internationalization update for User Report
  • Improvement: Some SCORM content sending verb passed/failed, and other sending completed. Changed to completed for consistency
  • Fixed: Minor bugs
  • Fixed: LearnDash Native Quiz giving error with not logged in user, when guest tracking is disabled.


  • Fixed: Error with SSO SAML plugin due to old method of wp_login action
  • Fixed: Support page giving error when Apache is installed a CGI instead of module.


  • Feature: Added support for Lifter LMS via AddOn
  • Fixed: Redirect to an undefined page on auto redirected when the lesson is completed already
  • Fixed: Do not run LearnDash specific code when LearnDash is not installed.
  • Fixed: Advance Completion behaviour for WP Courseware and LearnPress


  • Fixed: Double Next Lesson button visible in LearnDash having xAPI Content – Hide Button setting in LearnDash v3.1.4 and above.


  • Fixed: Quiz Report not loading on LearnDash Profile in LearnDash v3.1.4
  • Enable Custom Fields in xAPI Content


  • Feature: Compatibility update for Advanced Completion Behaviours in WP Courseware, LearnPress LMS integrations.
  • Feature: Added category (tool://grassblade/xapi/#<version>) for all server-side GrassBlade generated statements. TODO: Add to SCORM & Video tracking statements
  • Fixed: Some notices on the User Report page.
  • Fixed: LearnDash Native Quiz: Fixed statements not sending for LearnDash Quiz if Allow Guest (Ask Name/Email) is used.
  • Fixed: LearnDash Native Quiz: Attempted statements for Native Quiz not sent for any guests.
  • Security Fix


  • Added shortcode grassblade_attempts_progress for getting progress inside Articulate Rise.


  • SCORM: Updated launch mechanism so LRS details are not in URL.SCORM: Improvements for security on Require Login and Guest access feature.
  • Fixed: Resume of Articulate Rise SCORM content.
  • Fixed: User Report: Fixed divide by 0 error for avg_score calculation
  • Improvement: PageViews Tracking: Stop sending wc-ajax requests like wc-fragments
  • Fixed: Quiz Report: LearnDash Profile page showing Fatal Error on LearnDash old version < v3.1
  • Added: Support Page


  • SCORM: Fixed iSpring SCORM packages not sending any data to LRS
  • SCORM: Fixed resume not working in Elucidat SCORM packages


  • Improvement: SCORM: change learner_id to use email instead of the user id.


  • Feature: Added settings search
  • Feature: Added Custom Label setting
  • Improvement: SCORM statements improved with more accurate name and response


  • Feature Added: Full front-end User Report of all content for users. Along with support for Rich Quiz Report.
  • Fixed: MPEG-DASH video not working. 


  • Bug fixes


  • Feature: Added SCORM Support along with Completion Tracking and xAPI Statements generation
  • Feature: Show Rich Quiz Report in Results table and on LearnDash Profile page
  • Feature: Show a congratulations message on xAPI/SCORM Content completion when completion tracking is enabled and completion behaviour is not set to hide button.
  • Feature Improvement: Completion Tracking: Mark both LearnDash Lesson as well as Topic as completed automatically, if Quiz under Topic is completed by xAPI Content, and everything else is completed
  • Fixed: Completion Tracking: LearnDash Next Lesson Button was not visible if Lesson Progression was disabled
  • Fixed: Content Security not working on some Windows-based servers
  • Fixed: Completion Behaviour: Mark Complete button was getting enabled even on a failed statement. Marking checks in the background before enabling the button.


  • Fixed: LearnDash: Next Lesson button not showing on Lesson with completed quizzes if Course Progression is disabled & Lesson not yet completed.


  • New advanced Completion Tracking features: Hide Button, Show button on completion, Enable button on completion, Auto-redirect on completion.
  • Added: GrassBlade Add-ons page
  • Fixed: Course structure not updating on LRS if debug display is enabled.
  • Fixed: Error on sending enrollment on a bulk user import
  • Fixed: Content Security not working on some Windows-based servers


  • Fix access check bug with H5P on LearnDash
  • Fix error on uploading via Internet Explorer


  • Fixed: H5P error in guest mode when used with Secure Tokens
  • Fixed: Logout statements generated for guests (not logged in users)


  • Fixed: Logout statements generated on cron job
  • Fixed: Upload error for non-tracking content
  • Other minor improvements and bug fixes


  • Fixed: Dropbox Upload: error when no dropbox key added
  • Fixed: Events Tracking: don’t use the verb updated when a post is deleted. Might change verbs for different statuses.
  • Feature: Add GrassBlade filter for filtering plugins related to GrassBlade


  • Feature: New improved direct uploader with progress bar, and new version of Dropbox Uploader
  • Feature: Ability to upload videos.
  • Feature: Support for HLS (.m3u8) and MPEG-DASH (.mpd)
  • Feature: Added Events tracking for New Post Creation, Post Updation, User Login, User Logout, User Registration, User Deletion, User Enrollment in Course, User Unenrollment from Course, New Comment
  • Change: Moved PageViews tracking settings to Events Tracking page
  • Fixed: Upload related issues.
  • Store versions information of xAPI Contents


  • Fixed: Video Pro private videos restricted for domains not work.
  • Other bug fixes


  • Fixed: Update button not working on xAPI Content page


  • Using Gutenberg editor for xAPI Content
  • Fixed: Completion not working for xAPI Content added as sub-block via Guttenberg Blocks inside an accordion, tabs, columns, etc
  • Other bug fixes


  • Loading H5P modules In-Page using H5P’s own shortcode, instead of embed link.
  • Fixed: Next Lesson Link not showing in LD 3.0
  • Other bug fixes


– Feature: Added xAPI Video Profile 1.0 support for advanced video analytics. Supports: Self-hosted Videos (mp4, etc), Audios (.MP3, .WAV), YouTube, Vimeo.
– Feature: GrassBlade xAPI Companion Blocks for xAPI Content, LeaderBoard, and User Score
– Feature: Fluid responsive Lightbox as well as In Page content boxes, auto-adjusting in desktop, Android as well as iOS
– Feature: Fluid responsive Lightbox as well as In Page content boxes, auto-adjusting in desktop, Android as well as iOS
– Feature: Added Aspect Lock setting, so that the responsive adjustment is locked in an aspect ratio. In-Page is always aspect locked.
– Fixed WordPress REST API not working in some servers, specially FCGI based
– Add Select All/None option in Bulk Import
– Fixed: mark complete button visible on LearnDash 3.0
– Added grassblade_video_player filter for switching to the old video player.
– Fixed: Secured Tokens not working when used with “Name and User ID” based User Identifier
– Use the WordPress Date/Time format in “Your Results” table and Leaderboard Table.
– Security Fix
– Other bug fixes


– Security Fix


– Fix uploading of Articulate Rise non xAPI content


– Bug Fixes


– Show trigger messages only when related functions are called via trigger
– Do not block content for completion of previous content if LearnDash Lesson Progression is disabled


– Ability to change LearnDash Course Progress to In Progress if any xAPI Content has been started


– Fix video play issue caused due to partial content fetch in xAPI Content with Content Security enabled.
– Bug fixes


– Bug fixes


– Fixed: LearnDash Quiz sending if quiz is not attached to a course
– Fixed: Bulk Settings upload not updating xapi_activity_id causing issue during completion tracking
– Fixed: Error on launching H5P content.
– Content auto sizing when weight/height is in %.
– Improve Pass/Fail checking.
– Fixed: Not able to mark the lesson as complete when there is xAPI Content as well as Topic/Quiz on a Lesson.
– Fixed: When shared course steps is enabled, completion of xAPI Content marks the Lesson or Topic as complete even if child Topic/Quiz is not complete.
– Fixed: several bugs


– Fixed: xAPI based quiz completion not added to learndash activity table
– Fixed: several bugs


– Fixed: WordPress HTTP API connection from GrassBlade LRS, and support for LearnDash course and content integration with GrassBlade LRS (Version >=
– Fixed: several bugs


– Fixed: LearnDash Lesson getting marked as completed if content on it is completed, even when there are incomplete quizzes under it.


– Fixed: Completion Tracking with Shared Course Steps in LearnDash not working.
– Fixed: Completion Tracking not working when actor type is account/user id.


– Feature: Added actor_type parameter and User Identifier setting to select whether to use user email id or user id to send as identifier to the LRS.
– Added error message when the LRS is using http and WordPress is using https.


– Fixed: content with completion tracking disabled should not restrict access to quiz


– Fixed: completion behaviour and completed statement after xAPI quiz completion
– Auto generation of new registration value after every completion.
– Change Print Certificate link to button
– Fixed: Video using mp4 url
– Fixed: GrassBlade trying to mark lesson in unenrolled course, and user getting enrolled to course. Now, the mark complete will happen only when user is enrolled to course
– Fixed: several bugs


– Fixed: 500 error on uploading content, and on editing content linked to other pages
– Updated Bulk Import feature with several changes


– Fixed BadgeOS compatibility code issue
– Fixed few other bugs and minor adjustments.


– Fixed LearnDash Quiz page with xAPI Content not getting marked as complete
– Added time-from,time-to information in video related statements. And changed time format to seconds.
– Show Next Lesson link on LearnDash pages with xAPI Content
– Added Bulk Import and Bulk Settings options under xAPI Content


– Added xAPI Statement to LRS for LearnDash Assignment upload.


– Added ability to track additional verbs. (Requires addon code)
– Fixed: Associated content not showing on xAPI Content edit page
– Fixed: Warning during update check
– Fixed: Vimeo not showing fullscreen button.


– Show original activity id


– Fixed Secure Tokens


– Added LearnDash Topic Completion xAPI statements
– Fixed bug


– Added LearnDash Quiz Tracking
– Allow Non-xAPI (non tracking) mode for Video
– Added BadgeOS Badge Earned Tracking to LRS
– Added BadgeOS Compatibility code.
– Added help text and other bug fixes.


– Fixed tracking issue with emails having + sign in them
– Added more infomation/suggestion in exhaustive test on upload errors.


– Bug Fixes: Video Button not showing. Content Details getting erased on WordPress 4.4


– Bug Fixes related to H5P Permissions


– Bug Fixes related to H5P


– Secure Tokens
– H5P Integration
– LeaderBoard for xAPI Content
– Ability to place xapi content in any part of the page using shortcode.
– Groups integration with the LRS.
– Record and show scores and completion on any page, post, lesson or quiz.
– Ability to change the URL slug for xAPI Content.
– Support for non Tin Can version of Articulate Studio 13
– LearnDash Mark Complete button is gone
– Ability to disable Statement Viewer


– Ability to upload image buttons instead of using text links
– Ability to test errors in Completion Tracking setup


– Bug fixes
– Added Video Tracking for YouTube and Vimeo
– Added content security for static content.
– Added better error information and suggestions.
– Added GrassBlade LRS SSO.
– Removed Shortcode Generator. Shortcode would still work.


– Bug fixes
– Updated the way completion triggering works


– Added Meta box to easily select and add xAPI Content on any page/post
– Added completion tracking and mark completion integration with LearnDash Lessons/Topics/Quizzes
– Upgraded Statement Viewer to 1.0
– Added v1.0 option
– Added preview page for xAPI Contents
– Added shorter shortcode with only content id
– Made registration field static by default to support bug on Articulate related to resume/bookmark feature.
– Few minor bug fixes


– Bug fixes


– Feature to upload your package from Dropbox


– Fixed one click upload link for LearnDash Integration


– Bug fixes


– Added get_state and set_state shortcodes to utilize State API

– Internationalization capable code.
– Bug fixes

– Bug fixes
– Quiz completion reporting for LearnDash quizzes

– Bug fixes


– Lesson and Course Attempt and Completions of LearnDash LMS


– Added option to decide showing content on xAPI Content page


– Added option to open in a Lightbox
– Advanced Content Uploader
– Bug fixes.


– Added registration parameter
– Added support for categories in xAPI Content
– Added Referer in Page Views to track where the user came from.
– Changed Branding
– Bug fixes.


– Fix support for Articulate Storline after their changes.
– Added support for DominKnow Calro Tin Can package
– Added support for Lectora Inspire Tin Can package
– Added support for iSpring Tin Can package
– Added Statement Viewer
– Added activity_id
– Added target options to be able to choose from embeding content in page, or a Launch link.


– Added One click upload


– Added short code generator


– Launch!

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