Connect GrassBlade LRS with GrassBlade xAPI Companion

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To connect both tools you have to create API AuthToken in GrassBlade LRS and add to GrassBlade Settings on WordPress. Let’s see step by step guide.

Connect GrassBlade LRS with GrassBlade xAPI Companion

Generate AuthToken in LRS

Step 1:
Login to GrassBlade LRS dashboard. The URL will most likely be: https://<yourdomain>.com/grassblade-lrs/ or wherever you set it up during installation.

Step 2:
Now click on the My Profile link in the top right corner.

Step 3:
Click Add New Basic AuthToken button.

It will generate new:

  1. API User
  2. API Password

The “Endpoint” is given in the Authentication Details section.

If you already completed Step 6, click the Select button and click the Auto configure in WordPress button in the popup. It will automatically copy/paste the token in WordPress.

Add AuthToken in WordPress

Step 4:
Go to WordPress Dashboard > GrassBlade

Step 5:
Copy/Paste the AuthToken credentials from LRS.

  1. Endpoint URL
  2. API User
  3. API Password
xapi settings

Connecting LRS with WordPress

To get better reporting with WordPress, connect LRS with WordPress integration.

Step 6:
Go to GrassBlade LRS > Configure > Integrations > WordPress and add this info and click Submit.

  1. WordPress Site URL. (Include http:// or https://)
  2. WordPress Admin Username 
  3. WordPress Admin User’s Application Password if you’re on WordPress v5.6+ with HTTPS If no? then WordPress Admin User’s normal password.

Make sure, “User” must be the username and not the email id. The user should be either an admin user or a user with connect_grassblade_lrs capability.

You will see a “Test” button after you save the details. Clicking the button will show if the connection was successful.

Next Steps:

  1. Enable Completion Tracking
  2. Upload Content
  3. Add & Play Content on any page.
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