Testing your content for completion tracking

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Please follow the steps given below to see if you have a valid xAPI, SCORM or cmi5 content for Completion Tracking feature:

  1. Add your content to Lesson or Quiz with “Completion Tracking” and “Show Result to users:” enabled. And, “Completion Type” set to “Enable Button on Completion”
  2. Launch your content, and complete it. If it is a quiz, you need to score the passing grade.
  3. If you see score in the results table below the content. Your content is good for Completion Tracking.

    If you don’t see the results table update, then continue with steps below:

  4. Now go to the GrassBlade LRS, and see if there is a “passed” or a “completed” statement related to the content you completed.
  5. If you don’t see a “passed” or a “completed” statement, it can be due to three possible reasons:

    a. Tracking is not enabled in the content: Content is not an xAPI, SCORM, or cmi5 content setup to send statements to the LRS.
    b. You have not completed the content: This can happen if you skipped some slides, or failed the quiz, or due to bug in the authoring tool. If you have set passing % in authoring tool to 100% try changing it to 95% or 99%.
    c. Configuration in the authoring tool is not correct: Suggestion: Check the configuration article for your authoring tool at: https://www.nextsoftwaresolutions.com/experience-api-content-providers/

  6. If you see a “passed” or a “completed” statement, the content is most likely good. You need to check the configuration on GrassBlade.
    Follow this article for the same: Completion Tracking Not Working

If you still need help, please create a support ticket or reply to your existing ticket with responses to the following questions:

  1. What is the authoring tool used to build the content?
  2. Tracking type: xAPI/SCORM/cmi5?
  3. Did you receive a “passed” or a “completed” statement? If yes, include the JSON statement.
  4. What is the configured Activity ID and Content URL in the xAPI Content edit page on WordPress?
  5. Is the completion tracking issue with “ALL” contents, or with specific set of contents?
  6. Test with a sample content from here (https://www.nextsoftwaresolutions.com/experience-api-content-providers/) and let us know if the completion tracking worked with it.

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