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GrassBlade xAPI Companion is one of the best plugins to upload xAPI enabled content. It seems you have installed and configured our plugin, if not, read our installation guide. Our plugin provides many ways to upload your xAPI based content on your WordPress.

Before uploading your content on WordPress please read our best course export settings guide for different authoring tools.

  1. Articulate Rise 360
  2. iSpring Suite

Our plugin has the following ways to upload your content:

  1. Direct Upload Method
  2. Video Links
  3. Dropbox Import Method
  4. Bulk Upload Method
  5. Upload Via FTP

Let’s check them out.

Direct Upload Method

Step 1: Go To your WordPress Dashboard (wp-admin) > xAPI Content > Click Add New


Step 2: Scroll down to xAPI Content Details section, Select Choose a File to upload xAPI content zip file.

upload file

Step 3: Now click the Update button to upload the xAPI content.

You have successfully uploaded your xAPI Content on WordPress site.

You can either enable “I want to show this content on this page” checkbox. Or, add the content on any other page, post, lesson, topic or quiz.

Read: How to Add xAPI Content on Post, Lesson, or Quiz?

Note: Direct Upload method might not work for large files if your hosting/server has restricted upload limits.

You can follow other methods listed below to upload large files.

Video Links

If you want to embed your YouTube or Vimeo video, you can do it, by adding URL of the video. It will work as xAPI content and you can track user behavior also. To add YouTube or Vimeo video follow given steps:

Step 1: Copy video URL from YouTube or Vimeo.


Step 2: Go to WordPress dashboard > xAPI Content > Add New

Video Content Upload

Step 3: Scroll down to xAPI Content Details section, Select Video option from upload section.

Step 4: Enter your video URL, and click the update button to upload.

It will publish your video and enable xAPI tracking to it.

Note: Currently our plugin support YouTube and Vimeo option, we will add some more platforms in next update.

DropBox Method

Our Plugin supports Dropbox method to upload big course files if you have some big course files to upload. This method will be best for you. It will require you DropBox app key to authenticate and fetch content.

Read More: Dropbox upload for large xAPI Content packages

Bulk Upload

If you have some big and many files to upload, you can do it in an easy manner. Our plugin has bulk file upload method support. You can follow this guide to Bulk Upload and Configure multiple xAPI Content.

Upload via FTP

GrassBlade xAPI Companion also supports content uploaded via FTP, if you have the support of FTP. Read this guide: Uploading content by FTP

Our plugin provides these best and easy methods to upload and publish xAPI enabled content on WordPress website. If you’re having any problem in upload please refer to this article: Error in Upload xAPI Content.

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