How to Upload iSpring Content on WordPress?

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iSpring WordPress xAPI

Want to upload and publish your iSpring based xAPI Content on WordPress? I’m writing a step by step guide, which helps you upload your iSpring content on WordPress website. Let’s do it.

iSpring is a rapid eLearning course authoring tool which works with Microsoft Powerpoint. It extends the usability of MS Powerpoint.


  1. WordPress Website
  2. iSpring Content zip file
  3. Plugin: GrassBlade xAPI Companion
  4. GrassBlade Cloud LRS or GrassBlade LRS for tracking.

Export xAPI Content with Tracking

Step 1:
To get an uploadable .zip file, Click Publish in iSpring Suite.

ispring course on wordpress

Step 2:
Select the LMS option and choose Experience API (xAPI) as LMS profile. You can check the “Use iSpring Play app” option if you want the content to play in iSpring app on mobile, else, uncheck to play it in the browser.

ispring course on wordpress

Step 3:
Click Customize option to make changes in your LMS profile settings.

ispring course on wordpress

Step 4:
In the Identifier field, enter your content identifier. It is usually a short name or content number. Do not use spaces, but use underscores or dashes between words if needed.

The GrassBlade LRS will use this data to track your content statement. So, make sure it is unique. If you use the (random) default ID, it will work but will be challenging to identify your contents in the LRS statement list.

Note: If you update your xAPI Content in the future, make sure you use the same Identifier when you update your Grassblade xAPI Content within the content.

ispring course on wordpress

Step 5:
Click Customize in the Progress and Completion section to make a change in xAPI Content tracking and quiz marks.

ispring course on wordpress

Step 6:
In xAPI Content, “Progress and Completion” settings, you have several settings:

a: Max Score: It is the max score for overall xAPI Content. If you are using quiz, it might be best to set it to the max score obtainable on the quiz. This will be the sum of points on all questions.

b: If you check “Rate number of slides viewed” option, the score will be awarded based on a number of slides viewed.

c: If you check “Rate quizzes and simulations,” score is based on the quiz score. If the max score on the quiz and max score on xAPI Content you set above is different, the scores will be scaled by keeping the percentage as same.

d: If you check both the above options, half of the max score weightage will be given to slides viewed, and half of it will be based on quiz score.

e: Custom passing score: This will set the passing score (out of max score) to pass the xAPI Content. If you are using quiz based scoring, it is best not to override it here.

ispring course on wordpress

Step 7:
Save all the above settings and Click Publish.

ispring course on wordpress

For Tracking Feature, you have to connect GrassBlade xAPI Companion plugin with some LRS, you can use GrassBlade Cloud LRS or Simple GrassBlade LRS for better results.

Alternatively, Export xAPI Content without Tracking

Step 1:
To get an uploadable .zip file, Click Publish in iSpring Suite 9 section.

ispring course on wordpress

Step 2:
Now click My Computer and select HTML5 option in publish settings.

ispring course on wordpress

Step 3:
Click Publish.

ispring course on wordpress

After this, you get your .zip file to upload on WordPress website.

Upload File

Step 1: To upload your xAPI Content on WordPress website, you need to install our GrassBlade xAPI Companion plugin on the WordPress website. Please read this: How to install GrassBlade xAPI Companion Plugin?

Step 2: After getting .zip file of your xAPI Content, please refer to this article: Upload xAPI Content on WordPress with GrassBlade xAPI Plugin

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