Re-run Triggers

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Please follow the steps given in this article to retrigger the activity in the LRS to send back data to WordPress triggers again.

When is this useful?
If you see passed/failed verb statements of xAPI content in the LRS but on WordPress, the lesson/topic/quiz associated is not completed or you do not see reports data in the GrassBlade > Reports.

In this case, you can find the xAPI Content activity in the Error Log or Activity Stream and try to retrigger it to resend completion data to WordPress in case it was not received for some reason.

Activity Stream

Step 1:
In GrassBlade LRS, go to Reports > Activity Stream from the left sidebar.

Step 2:
Click on the  filter icon to select the filters to generate report data

Step 3:
Select the xAPI Content and User (Do not select if you want to see all users). Also, select the “completed” or “passed” verbs to clean the data.

In most cases only the “passed” or “completed” verb is used to complete the associated activities in WordPress. You can select others as per your setup.

Step 4:
Click the Filter button.

Step 5:
Now, click the [] icon to expand a specific activity of a user and click the Re-run Triggers button.

Feel free to contact us if you face any issues while using this feature.

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