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Advanced Video Tracking feature was introduced with GrassBlade xAPI Companion v2.0. It allows uploading video files or user can use video URLs as xAPI Content on WordPress.

This feature works with the help of xAPI Video Profile 1.0 and it is the first product that adopted this standard video profile.

Upload and track user activities of supported video formats:

  • MP4
  • HLS (.m3u8)
  • MPEG Dash (.mpd)
  • YouTube
  • Vimeo
  • Audio (MP3 etc.)
In GrassBlade xAPI Companion v2.1.7, we added support for uploading video content directly on your hosting server as xAPI Content. You can upload video content in any supported format. Using video URL from hostings like AWS will also work.

Demo Video

Key Features

Resume Feature
  • i. Resume: You come back to the same video, and it starts from where you left. So, you can seamlessly pause on mobile, and resume on PC.
  • It means if you didn’t watch the full video in one go. When you revisit the page and play the video again, it will continue from the same point where you left.
  • ii. Completion: xAPI Video Profile corrects the distorted meaning of video completion. So far most, if not all, video completion features only checked if you reached the end.
  • Now, it checks if you have watched all parts of the video. So, jumping around ain’t gonna help it.
  • Additionally, you can set a percentage for completion.
  • iii. HeatMap: You can actually see and visualize what parts of the video were watched, or left, or repeated, or repeated multiple times. Very very powerful in analyzing what parts of the video might have issues, like bad audio, or boring content, or interesting content.
  • iv. Completion: If you enable completion tracking in xAPI video, it will hide the Mark Complete button in all the integrating LMSes, and automatically completes the lesson, topic, or quiz in the background. You can also use advanced completion behavior with video content.

Performance Overview

To provide a better understanding of the video performance, we added a Video Report in the GrassBlade Cloud LRS.

Report Indicators

The top section mainly consists of four key elements:


  • Total Learners: It shows the total number of learner attempted the video content or say played the content.
  • Time on Video: It is the average time spent on the video content per learner.


  • Total Sessions: It is the total number of times video played by the learners.
  • Time on Video: The average time spent by the learner in every session.


  • Video Length: It is the full length of the video.
  • Time on Video: It is the total time spent by all the learners while watching the video.


  • Learners Completed: It shows the total number of learner completed the video out of the total number of learners attempted the video content.
  • Progress per user: It is the overall progress of the leaners.

To view this report, go to your GrassBlade Cloud LRS > All Activities > Select any video activity and expand the Video Report tab.

Try it yourself in GrassBlade Cloud LRS
Password: demo

How to use it?

First, you have to add your video for advanced video tracking in the xAPI Content section.

Read: Adding a video for Advanced Video Tracking

Now add it on any WordPress page, post, unit, lessons or topic.

Read Using xAPI Content on another Post, Lesson, or Quiz.

Data being tracked

With GrassBlade xAPI Companion, you can track each and every activity of the user, like:

  1. Play (played)
  2. Pause (paused)
  3. Completion (completed)
  4. Volume Change (interacted)
  5. Skipping (seeked)
  6. Full Screen (interacted)

Every activity is recorded and sent to your connected Learning Record Store as an xAPI Statement.

Interactive Videos

Add questions on the top of your videos with Interactive Video feature to engage users and track learner activities in GrassBlade LRS.

Reports Access

All the video activity reports are present in the GrassBlade Cloud LRS and accessible to the admin user. You can also create a new user with different roles having a different set of capabilities.

GrassBlade Cloud LRS Groups feature gives you the ability to group certain users together and assign a Group Leader who can track the progress and performance of any user in their group. It also includes the video activity report and also integrates with LearnDash LMS groups.

Advanced Video Tracking is a feature we’re working on for a long time. As you might know, we’re the key contributor to the development of xAPI Video Profile 1.0. Also, we’re the first to introduce this feature in our plugin.

Hope you find these features useful. If you have any comments, suggestions, or feature requests feel free to drop a message in the comment section below or contact us.

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