GrassBlade xAPI Companion v2.1.7 is here, What’s New?

GrassBlade xAPI Companion v2.1.7

Team GrassBlade is super excited to announce the latest version 2.1.7 of GrassBlade xAPI Companion. In this update, we added some super cool features to make your life easier.

Highlighting Features

1. Upload Progress Bar
2. Video Upload Suppport
3. New Video Formats (HLS .M3U8 and MPEG Dash .mpd) Support
4. Events Tracking

Let’s dig deeper,

Upload Progress Bar

To make it easy to understanding, what is happening while uploading content using GrassBlade xAPI Companion, we added a progress bar. It will show up when you select a content file for uploading.

Video Upload and Security

Now, you can directly upload video files in your WordPress repository from xAPI Content > Add New page. Also, it works well with the new Gutenberg editor.

In version 2.1.7, we added support for more secure video formats like HLS (.M3U8) and MPEG Dash (.mpd). If you might know, video encoded in these formats cannot be downloaded from Inspect Element or some extensions.

You can directly upload an exported file of these video formats using GrassBlade xAPI Companion.

All supported video formats:

  1. MP4
  2. HLS (.m3u8)
  3. MPEG Dash (.mpd)

Also, you can upload audio files too from there. These are supported formats:

  1. MP3
Good News, Advanced Video Tracking will also work on all new video formats.

Events Tracking

Events tracking is an all-new feature introduced in this version. You can track all activities happening on your Website. Including page views and sign in/sign out of users and many other similar events.

Take a look at the image to get an idea about all the trackable events.

GrassBlade Events Tracking

All tracking data will be reported in GrassBlade Cloud LRS or in your configured LRS.

Learn More: How to use Events Tracking?

Team GrassBlade is working hard to provide you features, which make your life easier. We hope these new features will help you in creating great WordPress site environment.

That’s it for this update, please update your GrassBlade xAPI Companion to get all new features.

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2 thoughts on “GrassBlade xAPI Companion v2.1.7 is here, What’s New?”

  1. This is a very interesting option. Especially, the user is enrolled in the course. But will this work when importing users, or if the course is assigned to a group? Most likely no.

    1. Hi Oleg,

      It will work for importing users (like CSV import), but for group assignment, it won’t work for now. We will try to add it in future updates of GrassBlade xAPI Companion.


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