GrassBlade LRS v2.1 and xAPI Companion v1.5 updates

GrassBlade LRS 2.1

Its my pleasure to announce the release of GrassBlade LRS v2.1.0, and GrassBlade xAPI Companion v1.5 with some amazing new features.

What is new in GrassBlade LRS v2.1.0? Demo | How to upgrade?

  1. Secure Tokens
    How safe is your LRS data? Most likely it can be downloaded by anyone, doesn’t matter which LRS you are using.
    Click here to know why, and, how Secure Tokens changes this
  2. Groups
    Create Groups on the LRS and allow Users/Managers to have access to data of specific groups only.We have also added integration with LearnDash Groups, so if you have created groups on LearnDash, the group data is automatically pulled from LearnDash to LRS.
  3. Save Reports/Filters
    Now save your filtered reports as reports and access them from Reports menu. And, you can generate as many filtered reports as you want.
  4. Automated Emails of PDF/CSV Reports
    You can now send recurring emails of filtered reports in PDF or CSV formats to any email ids you choose, and in any frequency you want.LRS PDF Report
    (Image: PDF Report)
  5. Score/Percentage Filters
    We now have more filters for reports. You can filter by score and percentage. So useful, I am wondering why we did not have it before?
  6. Better control on what Users/Manager can access
    Want more control? You can now create User/Manager on the LRS with access to specific menus/features. So you can now may be, decide to give access to reports only and not let them change configurations.
  7. Backups
    You can now generate file and database backups of the LRS from the LRS, or automated backups. You can configure it to save to server, or FTP it, or even email it.
  8. Remote SSO
    So far you could automatically login to the LRS from WordPress backend only if WordPress and LRS was on the same server. Now, you can SSO from another server as well. Just configure the IP or domain name in GrassBlade LRS > Configure > Integrations > SSO.
  9. Translation Ready
    This version is translation ready, so it can now be translated to other languages.
  10. Sound, Secure and Robust
    The new version adds several security features, fixes a bunch of bugs. Overall much more robust.

What is new in GrassBlade xAPI Companion v1.5? Demo

  1. Groups
    Supports integration of GrassBlade LRS with LearnDash Groups 
  2. Secure Tokens
    How safe is your LRS data? Most likely it can be downloaded by anyone, doesn’t matter which LRS you are using.
    Click here to know why, and, how Secure Tokens changes this
  3. H5P Integration
    H5P Plugin allows you to create interactive HTML5 content. You can now link it to xAPI Content page, track activity on LRS, as well as add it to any page or on LearnDash lessons.You can even restrict progress to next LearnDash lessons based on completion of H5P content. Or, award LearnDash certificates based on scores or completion of H5P content.
  4. Show User Scores
    You can show users their scores and completions. Just enable it in xAPI Content page.
  5. LeaderBoard
    We now have a LeaderBoard that you can show on any page using a shortcode . Or see them on the xAPI Content edit page.
  6. Add Content anywhere you choose
    Didn’t like the content on bottom of page? Just follow the popup message when you select an xAPI Content and you can now choose to add the content anywhere you want, even when using the metabox.
  7. Change URL Slug
    Now change the URL slug from gb_xapi_content to anything you like. Configure it on GrassBlade Settings page.
  8. Mark Complete button is Gone
    If you have enabled Completion Tracking, you will not see Mark Complete button on LearnDash pages with the xAPI Content. Click here to know why, or to get it back
  9. Other features and Bug fixes
    There are several more features like support for Non-TinCan version of Articulate Studio 13 content, ability to disable Statement Viewer from xAPI Content edit page, support for WordPress password protected pages, and several bug fixes.

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I would like to thank Jennifer from Wake Forest University, Kevin from Apex Anesthesia Review, Brad from  SDI Consulting, Brad from ABSEC LLC, Julien from  Institut Fassaha, Brian from B.Boyle Design and Thomas from eBSI Export Academy for sponsoring some features and providing valuable feedback.


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