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xAPI Video Community of Practice

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Update: xAPI Video Profile v1.0 was released on May 9th, 2019. Click here to check the announcement.
Working Demo: A prototype of video tracking to real LRS is available here.

If you use Videos in your Trainings, we are working for you.

Videos have become the heart of todays eLearning, and the trend will continue. Amount of videos in eLearning course will be more tomorrow than it has ever been in the past or today.

Tracking Video Learning
If you want to do just ONE thing right in tracking eLearning, you would want to do it right with Videos. However, tracking the Video based learning is more than complicated.

Here are few things I want to know about my Videos:

  • Who started and completed the Videos?
  • What are the week parts in the Video, where students quit?
  • What more can I know from usage of my Videos?

Do you have these or more questions about Video Tracking which are still unanswered when you see course reports?

If the answer is Yes. You want to be part of:

xAPI Video Community of Practice
This is an open community sponsored by ADL (An initiative of US DoD to improve learning). The goal is to develop a common way of tracking videos using the Experience API, that is accepted and adopted by all stakeholders using and producing videos.

Any one can join the community, and give their suggestions, voice concerns, and tell their needs and requirements. Together, the community will work on these needs and build a tracking mechanism that will be widely adopted and used.

Charges and Fees
It’s FREE to join, participate, contribute, …. Actually its completely FREE.

Join Now

Who Should Join

  • Anyone using or planning to use Videos in their Trainings
  • Business Leaders looking to get more information and matrices out of their Marketing as well as Training Videos.
  • Content and Platform Developers
  • Content and Video Designers and Producers
  • Anyone who want to come on the ride of, the Video boom.

Community Sponsored By
ADL (An initiative of US DoD to improve learning)

Important Links
Google Group
General Information

Pankaj Agrawal
Community Convenor
xAPI Video Community of Practice

Founder, Next Software Solutions

Pankaj Agrawal

Pankaj Agrawal

Pankaj is the brain behind the GrassBlade line of products and is founder of the organisation. He has been involved in the eLearning field for several years, and has been a working group member as well as an active contributor in the development of the Experience API, also known widely as Tin Can API.

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