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Are you facing issue with mark complete button. Is it visible or gone invisible, you can follow the guide given below to fix this minor problem.

Problem 1: Mark Complete button is Visible

In GrassBlade xAPI Companion v1.5.5 plugin, we added a compatibility code that re-enables the Mark Complete button if BadgeOS Plugin is installed.

This allows you to award points and badges based on xAPI Content. This is required, because BadgeOS is not able to read the background completion of LearnDash lessons. It is currently only able to identify clicking on Mark complete button.

If Completion Tracking is enabled, the Mark Complete button will work only when the user has completed the content.

If you are not awarding BadgeOS points or badges based on xAPI Content, you can disable the compatibility mode by adding this one-line code in wp-config.php:


Problem 2: Mark Complete button is Missing

In GrassBlade xAPI Companion v1.5.0, we removed the LearnDash Mark Complete button from pages having xAPI Content with Completion Tracking enabled.

This was a change because many of our clients requested us to remove it. Because the “Mark Complete” button in this case did not actually mark the lesson as complete. When Completion Tracking is enabled, the lesson is marked complete as soon as the content is completed.

However, if you still want the Mark Complete button back for navigational ease, you can add this code to your theme’s functions.php file:

add_action(“init”, “gb_custom_show_mark_complete_button”);
function gb_custom_show_mark_complete_button() {

Chart to simply things

xAPI ContentCompletion TrackingBadgeOSStatusMark Complete  Button
NoNot CompletedVisible
YesDisabledNot CompletedVisible
YesEnabledNot PresentNot CompletedHidden*
YesEnabledPresentNot CompletedVisible**
  1. Means doesn’t matter, or any value
  2. Hidden* – In this case completion will happen automatically in the background if you have GrassBlade LRS triggers configured.
    Please check Problem 2 above to change this to Visible.
  3. Visible** – Please check Problem 1 above to understand this and change this to Hidden.

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