Integration with LearnDash Groups

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Our GrassBlade LRS fully support LearnDash LMS, you can integrate it with LearnDash Groups, you can follow the steps below to set it up properly.

LearnDash Groups Import:

  1. LearnDash Groups are automatically imported to GrassBlade LRS, whenever you visit the GrassBlade LRS > Groups page
  2. Based on your suggestion we might be able to do it more frequently based on Cron Jobs or other events.


  1. You need to configure WordPress credentials in GrassBlade LRS > Configure > Integration > WordPress.
  2. This will allow the LRS to pull the group related information. If it doesn’t work, you need to make sure XML-RPC module for PHP is installed and enabled in your server.

Filter By Groups

You can filter reports by specific Groups.

Group Leader Access

  1. You can create an LRS User/Manager, with the role “User”, and an email id matching the email id of the Group Leader.
  2. You should give him permission: View Group Data

Now this User will have access to only data from users of this Group. Please test to confirm.

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