Legal and Compliance for Work Health and Training at TANDI Australia

Need for xAPI:

Our LRS is extremely important for both legal and compliancy reasons. We supply work health and training for new employees.

If an injury occurs in Australia an investigation is held to see if the employer is liable.

The LRS allows us to see what date, time, time spent on the page and answers given which we can report on to Australian Authorities.

If an employee was to be seriously injured this information would be used in a court of law in Australia.

For example if someone seriously hurt themselves using a forklift we could confirm to the courts that the individual had received sufficient training. In doing this we can prove the employer was not negligent in supplying adequate training to the employee.

LMS Setup:

We use learndash and Grassblade.

Peter Ryan

Tools Used:

  • WordPress
  • GrassBlade xAPI Companion
  • GrassBlade LRS
  • LearnDash LMS
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