We provide development services and SaaS based services to support your online presence. Experts in eLearning platforms development and latest technologies in eLearning including Experience API (aka. Tin Can API) and development for popular LMS’es and CMS’es like Moodle, Joomla, WordPress, Opencart and their integration. We can provide a complete development services for your online platforms.

GrassBlade - xAPI Companion
  • Launch Experience API (aka. Tin Can API) content
  • Launch and track progress from WordPress.
  • Track Page Views on your LRS.
Consultation and Development Services

We are actively focused on eLearning domain specially towards the following aspects of it:

  • Platform development (LMS)
  • Experience API
  • Gamification and User Engagement.
  • Custom Responsive and Mobile Friendly Themes for Moodle, WordPress, etc.
  • Custom Plugins for Moodle, WordPress, etc
  • Integrating between multiple platforms like Moodle, WordPress, Shopping Cart