Articulate Rise and Teleportation to the BlackHole

  • A tale of students stuck in a black hole, built by Rise. No way out, and then we built a teleportation engine back to earth.

We all love Articulate Rise, and the way it works. And more than us, our clients love it. The beautiful fluid UI comes with Rise like no other authoring tool has been able to do.

However, recently we started receiving complaints of some student scores not being reported. Random, only few students, and no good reason. Then there were random complaints of some students not being able to complete the quiz. We thought, it is again random network issue. Clients simply manually mark these as complete and the users are back on their way to other courses.

Then I had a SOS call from a rather large website, where they just moved hundreds of content from iSpring to Rise. Students were getting stuck in Rise, and they were getting stuck right-left-and-center.

What’s happening: Any student if they close the window before score is submitted. They are stuck in the content. Now, even if they re-take the quiz. The scores are not reported. At least not reported till they score more than before. And if they had scored 100% first time, they are perpetually stuck in this black hole with no way to get out.

Our Solution 1: We built a solution, a restart button which would allow the user to start the content from beginning and would get him out. It did give them a way but was not a perfect solution.

Our Solution 2: As the issue was primarily because of students closing the window too soon. We wanted to add a message on the result slide, but it is not very flexible. So, we added a patch to change the message on the result slide asking the user to wait a few seconds.

Our Solution 3: We built another patch. Where the it modifies the Rise code, and fixes the core issue. So that it sends scores on a re-take even if you score less than previous attempt.

I hope Articulate fixes it soon, however, feel free to connect with me or open a support request if you are our customer and need this patch.

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