GrassBlade xAPI Companion v5.2 with Achievements Report & LMS Integrations

We’re super excited to present the GrassBlade xAPI Companion v5.2 and unlocking a new report called, “Achievements Report”. It will give you detailed insight of your learner’s achievements behavior. For now, it works with following integrations:

  1. LearnDash LMS Achievements
  2. Lifter LMS Achievements
  3. GamiPress Achievements

It means, if you’re using any of the above plugins to award achievements with GrassBlade xAPI Companion, then you can generate this report.

(Click to enlarge)

Easy Filters

To get you data that you want to see, we added and improved the available filters. You can filter achievements data to see reports of:

  1. All achievements of all the learners
  2. Selected achievement of all the learners
  3. All achievements of the selected learner
  4. Selected achievement of the selected learner

Users can be filtered according to groups, if you select the LMS groups/memberships before selecting the Achievement. It also features all the details of a achievement, it could be achievement icon or assigned point earned by user.

Learn more: Reports for Admins and Group Leaders

To use the Achievements Report, please update your GrassBlade xAPI Companion and Addons:

PluginsRequired Version
GrassBlade xAPI CompanionUpdate to v5.2+
LearnDash LMSJust update GrassBlade xAPI Companion to v5.2+
Experience API for LifterLMSUpdate to v2.5+
Experience API for GamiPressUpdate to v1.5+

Removed User Completions Report

We took a decision to make Reports efficient, and easy to manage. The “Users Completion Report” option is now removed from the “Select Reports” dropdown. However, you can still generate ” User Completions Report ” reports from “Completions Report”.

In the Completion Reports, we added a new filter called “Users” with a new “All Users” option. It means now you can generate “User Completions Reports” by selecting a single or all users.

To provide the report you want, we also added “All Courses”, “All Users” and “All Contents” option in their respective filter selection dropdown.

Two New LMS Plugin Integration

This update also includes integration with two new WordPress LMS plugins:

Tutor LMS
MasterStudy LMS

If you’re using one of the above LMS plugins, you can add full xAPI, SCORM and cmi5 content support in your LMS with GrassBlade xAPI Companion plugin. Now our plugin, integrates with these LMS plugins:

  1. LearnDash LMS
  2. WP Courseware LMS
  3. Lifter LMS
  4. LearnPress LMS
  5. Tutor LMS
  6. MasterStudy LMS

What Else?

This update also includes several changes in the Reports code to re-structure the reports system. These changes will help us in manage and adding new reports easily, and provide you reports efficiently.

Also, fixed some bugs and improvements, please checkout complete list of changes in this changelog.

If you’re facing any issues while using these features, feel free to contact us. For more latest and quick updates you can join our forum (Facebook Group) and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin & YouTube.

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