Free Courses: COVID-19, Work From Home and Immunity Boost

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free covid 19 courses

Planning to transform your office into Work From Home mode? or Want to boost your immunity with YOGA & Meditation. Here is our very small contribution to help you in these unprecedented times.

We added a total of five courses, will add more if required. All these courses are completely free and available to anyone.

  1. Corona Virus Preparedness for Employer and Employees
  2. Running Remote
  3. Microsoft Teams Training for Remote Work
  4. 30 Days of Yoga
  5. Step into Meditation

Start for Free

We hope these courses will keep you engaged in learning new things. As we already stated in previous articles and circulated on social channels that we’re open to help anyone to get your courses online.

Also, we’re open to discuss:

  • New Features
  • New Integration
  • New Solutions or something else?

Tell us how we can help you in this pandemic situation? We pray for everyone’s well being.

We hope you find this information useful, for more latest and quick updates follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & YouTube.

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