Top eLearning Conferences of 2020 – A Must-Attend List

elearning conferences 2020

eLearning Events and Conferences give us a chance to connect with people in the same fields.

In these events, speakers share their experiences about different techniques and the tools they use to create an awesome learning experience for their learners.

These conferences can help anyone get started quickly.

Upcoming eLearning Conferences & Events in 2020

These are the upcoming eLearning conferences of 2020, add them in your calendar to make sure you don’t miss.


Curation & Learning Lab

Date: February 4-6, 2020
Address: Saratoga Springs, NY

TechKnowledge Conference

Date: February 5–7, 2020
Address: San Jose, California

ITC 2020 Annual eLearning Conference

Date: February 9–12, 2020
Address: Charleston, SC

Learning Technologies

Date: February 12–13, 2020
Address: London, UK

Training 2020 Conference & Expo

Date: February 24–26, 2020
Address: Lake Buena Vista, FL


Learning Solutions & Realities360 (co-located)

Date: March 31–April 2, 2020
Orlando, FL

OLC Innovate

Date: March 31–April 3, 2020
Address: Chicago, IL


World of Learning Summit

Date: May 15, 2020
Address: London, UK


Date: May 17–20, 2020
Address: Denver, CO


Learning DevCamp 2020

Date: June 2–5, 2020
Address: Salt Lake City, UT

WordCamp Europe

Date: June 4–6, 2020
Address: Porto, Portugal 

Training Industry Conference & Expo

Date: June 16­–18, 2020
Address: Raleigh, NC



Date: July 15–17, 2020
Address: New Orleans, LA


TechLearn Conference 2020

Date: October 13–15, 2020
Address: Austin, TX


Date: October 21–23, 2020
Address: Las Vegas, NV

WordCamp US

Date: October 27–29, 2020
Address: St. Louis, MO


Slate Conference

Date: November 11–13, 2020
Address: Naperville, IL

OLC Accelerate

Date: November 17–20, 2020
Address: Lake Buena Vista, FL

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