ActivePresenter Content on WordPress: HTML5, xAPI and SCORM

Are you using the ActivePresenter authoring tool and want to upload and play your content (HTML5, xAPI, or SCORM packages) on WordPress? Then you can follow this getting started guide.

We’re going to use:

RequirementsYou Need
HTML5 PackageGrassBlade xAPI Companion
SCORM Package (No Tracking)GrassBlade xAPI Companion
SCORM Package (Tracking)GrassBlade xAPI Companion + Any LRS
xAPI Package + TrackingAny LRS
SCORM or xAPI Pacakge + Completion Tracking + LMS IntegrationGrassBlade xAPI Companion + GrassBlade Cloud LRS

Let’s see what are the best setting for different types of packages that you can use on WordPress with GrassBlade xAPI Companion for the best results.

It is highly recommended that you should export an xAPI Package for better tracking and reporting data.

Best Settings for xAPI Package

In Active Presenter, you can create two types of content:

  1. Content with a quiz.
  2. Content with slides

We need to set passing criteria depending upon our requirements.

Settings for Quiz Content

If you want to Mark Complete your WordPress LMS lesson/topic/quiz when the learner completes the added ActivePresenter content having a quiz, then use these settings.

  • Operation Mode: Test
  • Pass Conditions: Percent of Correct Answers
General xAPI Settings in ActivePresenter

In the Identifier field, enter your content identifier. It is usually a short name or content number. Do not use spaces, but you can use underscores between words if needed.

Reporting xAPI Settings in ActivePresenter

The GrassBlade LRS will use this data to track your content statement. So, make sure it is unique. If you use the (random) default ID, it will work but will be challenging to identify your contents in the LRS statement list.

Note: If you update your xAPI Content in the future, make sure you use the same Identifier when you update your xAPI Content within the content.

Settings for Slides Content

  • Operation Mode: Tutorial
  • Pass Conditions: No. of slides viewed

In this case, when the user matches the Pass Condition, it will send a passed/completed statement to LRS and your LMS lesson will get completed.

HTML 5 Package –  No Reporting

If you do not want tracking data but want to use the GrassBlade xAPI Companion plugin to upload, manage and launch the content on WordPress. Then this package type is perfect for you!

  • Operation Mode: Any (Demo | Tutorial | Practice | Test )
  • [✔] Generate Index Page option
  • Pass Condition: As per requirements

Now export/save the zip package on your computer.

Next Steps

Once you got the desired package, follow the next steps to upload, play, and tracking the setup.

  1. Upload Package
  2. Add and Play Content on LMS lesson/topic/quiz page

Try on Demo

If you’re not sure what to do? or do not have a staging or test site, you can try ActivePresenter content on GrassBlade Demo.

User: demo
Pass: demo

Or try existing test content:

I hope you will find this getting started guide for “ActivePresenter content on WordPress” useful. If you’re facing any issue while using GrassBlade products, feel free to contact us.

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2 thoughts on “ActivePresenter Content on WordPress: HTML5, xAPI and SCORM”

  1. Hi,
    I have a file that is 85.5 mb xAPI created in Active Presenter (upload limit of 1GB) – tried to upload this into Worddash and it keeps coming up with a ‘file incompatible – processing failed”. Any tips?

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