Advanced Completion Behaviour – Full Control on Completion

Advanced Completion Behaviour

Team GrassBlade is here with the most demanded feature in GrassBlade xAPI Companion v2.2. The Advanced Completion Behaviour will let you control the completion behaviour of the lesson, topic or quiz having xAPI Content.

We waited because we did not have a good and effective solution that would have a minimum impact on your servers. And finally, we feel we have cracked the code.

New Control Options

To add extra control on “Mark Complete” button behaviour of your LMS, we added 4 different options:

  1. Hide Button
    • This is the default option for completion tracking, it will hide the “Mark Complete” button and completion will happen in the background.
  2. Show Button on Completion
    • This option will show the “Mark Complete” button when the content is completed.
  3. Enable Button on Completion
    • This option will enable the disabled “Mark Complete” button when the content is completed.
  4. Auto-redirect on Completion
    • This option will automatically move to the next level when the content is completed.

The Advanced Completion Behaviour will only work if you’re using GrassBlade LRS or GrassBlade Cloud LRS. You must setup completion tracking and create relevant triggers in the LRS.

Learn More: How to setup Completion Tracking?

You can set a default behaviour for all the content in global settings. In case, you want to use some other option for specific content, update it from that particular xAPI Content edit page.

How does it work?

Frequently Asked Questions?

1. What happens with existing xAPI Content?

  • There will be no effect in existing content, their settings will remain as it is. You can update settings individually for each content.

2. Can I update existing xAPI Content settings in bulk?

  • Yes, try bulk settings feature from WordPress Dashboard > xAPI Content > Bulk Settings.

Advanced Completion Behaviour settings are perfectly working with all authoring tools, primarily tested with Articulate Storyline, Rise 360, Captivate and iSpring content.

With iSpring and Captivate new conditions are not working when content is added in the page (In-Page). It will work, if you launch content in Popup Lighbox and NewTab Window.

Hide Button option is working fine with all the launch options available.

To use new features, please update your GrassBlade xAPI Companion plugin. We hope you find this update useful if you’re facing any problem feel free to contact us.

We are working hard to add more and more awesome features in GrassBlade xAPI Companion, don’t forget to share your experience with GrassBlade products in the comments section.

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10 thoughts on “Advanced Completion Behaviour – Full Control on Completion”

    1. Hi Tim,

      Most of our customers use it with LearnDash. Please create a support ticket so that we can check the issue you are facing.


  1. Khotso Thebehali


    I am loving your service by the way.. I am having difficulty manipulating the button on LearnPress. The button always show regardless of my option. Does this feature also work with LearnPress?

    1. Pankaj Agrawal

      Completion Tracking and Completion Behaviour works with LearnPress Lessons/Units. But will not work with Quiz. If it is not working with LearnPress Lessons/Units, please create a support ticket with details and we will investigate.

      You will need both GrassBlade xAPI Companion and GrassBlade LRS.

  2. The “Mark Complete” button works based on the percentage completion for Video content and H5P contents.
    In the same way, how does the button “Mark Complete” work for Text Content for lessons and topics?

    1. It doesn’t track text-based content added to the lesson.
      The plugin only tracks, xAPI, SCORM, cmi5, and Video content added as xAPI Content to the lesson and topic page. On completion of this type of content, it enables/displays the Mark Complete button with the help of GrassBlade LRS.


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