How to create an LMS website in WordPress?

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LMS Website in WordPress

WordPress is a very powerful Content Management System, but not a Learning Management System? The best thing is we can still create an LMS website using plugins.

This post is about planning and understanding requirements to create an awesome LMS website with WordPress.

TL;DR: How to Create an eLearning LMS website in WordPress?

To create an LMS website, you should start by looking at WordPress LMS plugins and select one matching your requirements. Almost every LMS plugin can do most of the things out of the box.

Install the plugin and follow the documentation to get started. Decide the way you want to sell the courses like individual courses or memberships with access to a group of courses.

Where to start?

By choosing WordPress as your platform you have already taken one step. Now you have to select a plugin to create an LMS structure, an LMS plugin that fits your current needs and future requirements.

In the next step, you should select a theme matching your LMS plugin.

There are many free WordPress LMS plugins available in the WordPress repository with different features. Also, there are some paid plugins offering lots of different useful features. You can choose one of the free or paid plugins.

Best WordPress LMS Plugins:

  1. LearnDash LMS
  2. WP Courseware LMS
  3. LearnPress LMS
  4. LifterLMS

In one of my previous blogs, I wrote about best WordPress LMS plugins, you can learn more and select one from that also.

Match with checklist

To make most out of your time and money investment, you should create a checklist of features you want in your LMS website.

Double-check out of the box features offered by your LMS plugin with your checklist.

If something is left? You need to look at other plugins that integrate with LMS plugin or custom development.

TIP: At this stage, you will have a lot of questions? It is recommended joining a forum or group, where other LMS plugin users hang out, it will make your job easy. 

How to create courses?

Every LMS plugin offers some basic features like a course landing page, lessons, topics and quizzes.

You can create videos for lessons like you see on some popular course websites but keep them short for better user retention. It is good to plan course structure before starting.

If you’re hiring an instructional designer or you’re an instructional designer and want to use interactive content exported from authoring tools like Adobe Captivate and Articulate Storyline 360?

You can look into plugins like GrassBlade xAPI Companion that helps you adding HTML5, xAPI and SCORM Content packages on WordPress and integrates with top WordPress LMSes. It also provides support for Advanced Video Reports and Events Tracking.

How to sell courses?

To sell courses, there are two options available:

  1. Sell courses individually
  2. Sell membership-based course access with different plans.

Some LMS plugins offer both features out of the box but most likely in premium plan and in other plugins, you have to use a membership plugin.

Almost all the LMS plugins integrate with WooCommerce plugin that provides many payment options for free.

Final Words

Creating an LMS website using WordPress comes with a big learning curve even for a long time WordPress users. You have to learn a lot of things to manage everything yourself.

In my opinion, one should evaluate their requirements before selecting any LMS plugin. Also, then follow the documentation carefully to get things working. One more thing, you can join your plugin’s forum or group to interact with other users.

I hope this article with the help you in getting started and finding useful resources. If you have any suggestion or feedback you can comment below. For more latest and quick updates follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube.

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