GrassBlade xAPI for Moodle

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This is a free plugin for Moodle to let you use xAPI Content with GrassBlade Cloud LRS and Completion Tracking feature. Please follow the steps given below to get started:

Install Plugin

Step 1:;
To download the plugin zip, please create a support ticket.

Step 2:
Install it on your moodle instance. Learn More

After successful installation, it will take you to the LRS settings page. In this step, add your LRS credentials.

Connect GrassBlade Cloud LRS

Please follow the steps given here to generate your AuthToken and add it to your plugin settings.

Completion Tracking

To use Completion Tracking feature in Moodle, please add these triggers in your GrassBlade Cloud LRS.

Create the triggers for the following verbs:

  1. Passed
  2. Failed
  3. Completed

Step 1:
Go to GrassBlade Cloud LRS > Triggers.

Step 2:
Click Add New button.

Step 3:
Enter Trigger Name

Step 4:
Set Type to Completion.

Step 5
Set URL as
Note: Please make sure to change to your proper domain.

Step 6:
Select a verb from the list.

Step 7:
Click Submit button to save.

Uploading xAPI Content

To use xAPI Content in your course.

Step 1:
Go to your Course page and enable edit mode.

Step 2:
Click the Add an Activity or Resource link/button.

Step 3:
Select the xAPI Content option.

Step 4:
Fill the details and select a file to upload.

Step 5:
In Activity Completion settings.
Completion Tracking: Show activity as complete when conditions are met.
Complete xAPI Content: User must pass or complete the xAPI Content to complete the activity.
Require view (Optional): Student must view this activity to complete it.

Step 6:
Click the Save button.

This is a quick doc, we will continue updating it as required. Feel free to contact us if you’re facing any issues.

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